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Blue Eye Samurai: Netflix Original Announced for 2021

In 2017 when Netflix released its first original anime series Castlevania, it became an instant success. Then one after another, Netflix released a total of 3 seasons.

Further, Beastars became the 2nd anime series after Castlevania. Today, these anime have helped Netflix compete against premium anime streaming platforms Crunchyroll & Funimation.

Now, with Blue Eye Samurai, Netflix is all set to enhance the list further.

Blue Eye Samurai Anime Storyline

Blue Eye Samurai tells the story of a swordmaster disguised himself in the Edo era of Japan’s past. He’s doing all this to take revenge. Apart from him, Blue Eye Samurai involves stars such as Masi Oka, Maya Erksine, Randall Park and George Takei Masi Oka, Randall Park, and Maya Erskine.

Blue Eye Samurai Production

Netflix has assigned Powerful animation to work on this upcoming Netflix Original anime series.

Powerful animation is quite a big name in the anime industry as they’ve produced blockbuster series Castlevania. Apart from this project, Powerful animation is working on another upcoming anime series, Blood of Zeus.

To compete with Netflix, Crunchyroll recently announced the fall lineup & some original anime shows such as The God of High School, Noblesse, & Tower of God.

Netflix & Crunchyroll will be competing against each other in the anime space, but in the end, the winner will the viewers as they’ll get to watch some high-quality anime series.

What the Creators have to say on Blue Eye Samurai?

Amber Noizumi & Michael Green have together created this Netflix Original anime series. Here’s what they have to say on this upcoming Netflix Original series:

“Our story is a larger-than-life action-adventure that takes place 400 years ago, yet Blue Eye Samurai’s themes are of the moment, and the inspiration is deeply personal.”

“We are grateful for Netflix’s passion for this story and their bold vision for sophisticated animated drama.”

Netflix Anime Future

Netflix has produced major anime hits for its streaming platform. Anime such as Baki, Mano, Carole, Castlevania, Seis, Tuesday are some well-known examples.

Netflix knows the number of user base it can get by streaming some popular anime. That’s why Netflix has classic anime series such as One-Punch Man, Death Note.

They recently added a 25-years-old Neon Genesis Evangelion to their library, announced Beastars Season 2 in early 2021. That was not it, so they added Godzilla & new anime series Spriggan to their list.

If Netflix continues to add these quality anime shows to its platform, it’ll beat rival anime streaming sites to take the number #1 spot.

Final Words

Now, tell me – Are you hyped for the upcoming anime series Blue Eye Samurai on Netflix?

Will you watch Blue Eye Samurai once Netflix releases it on the streaming platform?

As for the release date, it’s under the wraps at the moment. I’ll let you know once we’ve any official word on this.

Meanwhile, let me know your thoughts on Netflix vs. Crunchyroll and the upcoming Netflix original anime Blue Eye Samurai in the comments section given below.

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