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Here are the top forthcoming films, from Doctor Strange 2 to Jurassic World 3.

If you’ve got a lot of free time in the next several months, you’ll be able to see a wide variety of new releases. The Northman, a new Viking epic, will be released in the spring. After that, we’ll be returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Doctor Strange 2, as well as Thor: Love and Thunder and Black Panther 2 later in 2017.

In addition, movies including Top Gun, Halloween, Jurassic World, and Avatar: The Last Airbender will be getting sequels, while DC will be releasing Black Adam and Shazam! 2. Simply put, no matter what kind of movie you choose to see, you’re likely to find it in your local multiplex this year. Check out our top selections for the most interesting movies coming out in 2022 and beyond by scrolling down now.

  • The Northman, Releasing on April 22, 2022 in the US.

“To put it simply, it’s a Viking Hamlet,” writer-director Robert Eggers (The Witch, The Lighthouse) says of The Northman, a raw-boned thriller in which Alexander Skarsgrd’s prince Amleth seeks vengeance for the death of his father.

Upcoming 2022 Movies

“It’s a Viking Hamlet,” Eggers says of the film. “The motif of wanting to punish the person for a long period of time in your retribution is respected in this story. In contrast to Hamlet in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, he is not debating whether or not violence is the best course of action. In no way, shape, or form.”

Brutality is unquestionably the solution for Amleth, and the upcoming film The Northman, which will be shot amid bleak settings pummelling by powerful winds, looks destined to be as merciless as it is exhilarating. In terms of scale, it’s Eggers’ most ambitious project to date, and he promises that it will satisfy both fans of his first two films and moviegoers looking for a more grand spectacle. “According to him, “There are undoubtedly some passages that you can see where I got my start in horror films.” “However, you can’t have a Viking saga without sword fights, a Viking raid, and all of that sort of stuff.” he says.”

A diverse group of familiar faces (Anya Taylor-Joy, Kate Dickie, and Ralph Ineson from The Witch, as well as Willem Dafoe from The Lighthouse) and rising stars (Alexander Skarsgrd, Nicole Kidman, Ethan Hawke and Björk) endured the challenging conditions with grace. Eggers, on the other hand, is quick to point out that The Northman is a blend of hard facts and something a little more magical.

“As I’ve done in my previous films, I’m attempting to express both the material world and the interior world of the period,” he says of the new picture. It will be necessary to provide this if the Viking Old-Norse knight believes in the Valkyries, for example.

  • Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, on May 6, 2022.

Doctor Strange returns to the Multiverse of Madness five months after his encounter in Spider-Man: No Way Home. The previous Sourceror Supreme (who is now Wong) must face the repercussions of his deeds now that he has unleashed the multiverse. Wanda, last seen in WandaVision, is called in to lend a hand. Baron Mordo and… well, saying anything more would give away the second post-credits sequence for Spider-Man: No Way Home. You may rest easy knowing that Sam Raimi, who directed the first three Spider-Man films, is in charge of the new one.

  • Top Gun Maverick, on May 27, 2022.

For the past 35 years, we’ve felt a strong desire to move quickly. After three decades of waiting for a Top Gun sequel, the additional delay caused by the epidemic is especially regrettable. However, the trailers have only served to heighten our excitement, since they leaned heavily on the music and iconography of the film and showed us glimpses of Cruise actually pulling eight Gs as he slams through the sky.

Upcoming 2022 Movies

‘It definitely puts you inside that aeroplane,’ says producer Jerry Bruckheimer to Total Film. “What a rip-off this is. It’s there. These airborne sequences never fail to excite me. They’re just breathtaking. The Navy was a great resource. Several of their most talented pilots worked for us. They contributed ideas and collaborated with Tom.”

Even though Maverick’s hatred for authority has prevented him from ascending through the ranks, he nevertheless lives up to his call sign. Just as he accepts a teaching position at the United States Navy Fighter Weapons School (aka Top Gun), we’ll be there to help him prepare the next generation of plucky pilots for a real-world kamikaze operation. Miles Teller plays Rooster, the son of Maverick’s long-lost best friend Goose.

According to producer Bruckheimer, “We strive to stay loyal to the persona of Maverick and take you along for the trip.” “As a result, I believe it to be faithful to the original. Obviously, the usage of the Top Gun tune is evoking memories of a bygone era. As a result, it’s still very sentimental. After seeing the first, everyone’s eyes will be transported back 34 or 35 years in time.”

  • Jurassic World: Dominion, on June 10, 2022.

Fallen Kingdom, the sequel to Jurassic World, takes place on an island, a boat, and in a terrifying mansion. Jurassic World: Dominion, Colin Trevorrow said, “is across the world.” At the end of the last film, the animals escaped into the open, and now the world is their playground.

According to him, “I believe that dinosaurs are animals who deserve our respect and dread, in the same way that lions are, all at the same time.” Now we have to figure out who rules this planet in a whole new way, so this movie is a step into a brand new dynamic and a whole new reality.”

Trevorrow is bringing back a number of the original cast members, including Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum (who had a brief appearance in Fallen Kingdom), and Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, in addition to the newcomers.

Chris and Bryce get the same amount of time on-screen as Laura, Sam, and Jeff, says Trevorrow of the cast split. “In the course of the film, we follow both of their tales in parallel, and there’s a sense that their paths will eventually cross. Unlike most Hollywood films, this one has a different framework altogether. However, it does the job.” Somehow, this franchise always manages to pull it off.

  • Thor: Love and Thunder, on July 8, 2022.

Thor: Love And Thunder, the Asgardian gods’ fourth feature film, will provide “bonkers” treats, according to Karen Gillan. Director Taika Waititi plans to completely Ragna-rock the audience’s expectations, as hoped for by the film’s audience. “”What are people expecting the least from this franchise?” was the question I wanted to ask at the beginning. Of course it’s going to be a love tale.”

Upcoming 2022 Movies

There’s little doubt that this is based on Jason Aaron’s comics arc The Mighty Thor. Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster lifts Mjolnir in a twist on Thor lore; perhaps she will pick up Aaron’s illness storyline as well. MCU newbie Christian Bale stars as Gorr the God Butcher in the film, a furious alien slaughterer of celestial beings depicted in comic-book style on screen alongside the Marvel heroes the Guardians of the Galaxy and Valkyrie. And when you add in the potential love story (with whom? ), it appears Waititi is going all out. He says, “I definitely feel like we put everything into this film — every single idea, gag, stunt, character – every single absurd one.”

  • Don’t Worry Darling, on September 23, 2022.

Be Calm Darling is a 1950s psychological suspense thriller. Alice (Florence Pugh) is a miserable housewife, and her husband, Jack (Harry Styles), has a dark secret. Directed by Olivia Wilde, this is her first film since Booksmart. Does their neighbourhood really have everything it appears to have? So far, it’s been a mystery. With Chris Pine, Gemma Chan and KiKi Layne also starring.

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