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Upasana Kamineni: Latest Updates!

Apollo Hospitals Vice-Chairperson Upasana Kamineni Konidela is a successful businesswoman. Her strong relationship with actor- hubby Ram Charan for over a decade now has made the brace the most- respected notoriety couples in the film assiduity.

 Despite a number of achievements to her credit, she revealed that she frequently gets asked about' when' she's having a baby and' why' she hasn't one yet.

 Before this week, Kamineni Konidela struck up a discussion with Sadhguru and participated the societal pressure every woman gests in her life and life opinions.

 During the 17th American Telugu Association( ATA) Conference & Convention, she told the yogi that people always find it's their ‘ duty ’ to question her life, connections and family indeed though she's happily married for 10 times now.

With a reference to her hubby's blockbuster film' Roar Rise rebellion', the businesswoman said,”. Why do people find it their duty to question my' RRR'.”

 Explaining the RRRs of her life, the 32- time-old said that it stands for' relationship‘, her capability to' reproduce‘, and her' part' in life.” There are so numerous women like me who would want an answer to this, ” she stressed.

upasana kamineni

Ram Charan’s woman,Upasana Kamineni does n’t want to come a mama yet? Then’s why

 Ram Charan and his woman Upasana have been married for a decade. RRR actor’s woman reportedly revealed the reason behind why she isn't yet ready to come a mama .

During the commerce, Sadhguru spoke about reduplication and said if she( Upasana) stay this way, not reproducing, also he's going to give you an award.

South Indian Megastar Ram Charan’s Woman

 Upasana Kamineni Konidela recent revealation about the societal pressure of not having kiddies after ten times of marriage during her commerce with the spiritual practitioner Sadhguru has kickstarted a debate online.

 The entrepreneur reference to her hubby's recent blockbuster movie RRR said,” RRR is my relationship, my capability to reproduce, and my part in my life. There are so numerous women like me who would want an answer to this.”

 During the commerce, Sadhguru spoke about reduplication and said,” If you stay this way, not reproducing, I'm going to give you an award. I've formerly blazoned an award for all those youthful women, who are healthy and can reproduce but choose not to. This is the topmost service you can do right now.”

 He added,” This isn't an exposed species. We're just too numerous. We're heading towards 10 billion in the coming 30- 35 times. Man is upset about carbon footmark but if the mortal footmark is reduced, there's no need to worry about global warming too. So, it’s good to see women who chose to not reproduce.”

 Following this, Upasana replied,” I would make you speak with my mama and mama – in- law veritably soon.”

upasana kamineni

 Ram Charan’s woman Upasana Kamineni Konidela Opens Up About Having Children

Ram Charan’s woman, Upasana Kamineni Konidela interacted with spiritual leader Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev at the 17th ATA Convention. During the commerce, Upasana talked to him about having kiddies and the three Rs in her life.

RRR stands for relationship, reduplication and part in life. She also informed Sadhguru that she and Ram Charan have been married for 10 times.

 Answering about the relationship, Sadhguru said that it’s none of his business to get into her “ relationship thing”. The spiritual practitioner added that he'd give Upasana a word- class gift if she decides to not have kiddies despite being healthy and having a eventuality to reproduce.

“Man is upset about carbon footmark but if the mortal footmark is reduced, there's no need to worry about global warming too. So, it’s good to see women who chose to not reproduce, ” said Sadhguru.

To this, Upasana said, “ I would make you speak with my mama and mama – in- law veritably soon ”, to which Sadhguru replied, “ I ’ve spoken to numerous similar matters- in- law. ”

 Upasana has participated particles from her meeting with Sadhguru on social media with the caption, “ An absolute honour to be in discussion with the Mystic. Sadhguru was amazing as usual, every content made so important sense.

Truly practical considering the circumstances the world is facing moment. A must watch! Sadhguru- Thatha’s not letting me accept your award. ”

upasana kamineni

Upasana Konidela Amps Her Style Game In An Alexander McQueen Dress Worth Rs1.8 Lakhs

 Ram Charan's woman , Upasana Konidela graced an event in a beautiful crop top and midi skirt. still, the price of the ensemble caught our attention.

The notorious south actor, Ram Charan is a megastar, and his seductiveness is unmatchable. He and his woman, Upasana Kamineni Konidela are one of the strongest couples in Tollywood. The brace has completed a decade of connubial bliss together.

Both hubby and woman enjoys a huge addict- following. also, she's a fashionista who noway fails to snare the spotlight by keeping her social media game on point. Upasana frequently creates a buzz on social media with her filmland and style quotient.

 The entrepreneur and Vice Chairperson of Apollo Hospitals, Upasana Kamineni Konidela enjoys a huge addict following on social media. Though she stays down from the media glares, her love for precious effects is enough apparent in her sartorial fashion picks.

On her marriage anniversary with Ram Charan, Upasanahad posted some lovable filmland. On June 14, 2022, Upasana had taker her Instagram handle and participated some stunning filmland. In the prints, Upasana slipped an emerald green silk ankle- length dress from Prada featuring piper- trim detailing, a notched collar, and two frontal pockets.

upasana kamineni


 In numerous interviews and media relations, Upasana Kamineni Konidela has spoken about having kiddies. She formerly said, “I'm petrified to be a mama, there’s no way a right time. But my musketeers have been great exemplifications and now I've done my bit of exploration, so perhaps it'll be some time soon.

It’s nice that there's so important enterprise about our child indeed before he she is conceived, let alone born! musketeers have called me asking to let them know when I'm pregnant so they can launch a birthing line for us.

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