Up and Vanished Season 3 Brings a New Mystery in Search of Missing Native American Lady!


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It is becoming increasingly popular for many of us to spend our free time listening to numerous podcasts. And the reasons why it shouldn’t be. So many podcasts to select from, it might be overwhelming. However, a particular criminal podcast called Up and Vanished has piqued the interest of a large number of listeners.

It has been so popular that a third season of the podcast will be released soon.

If you are completely unfamiliar with this podcast, don’t be concerned about it. We have gathered all of the pertinent information regarding the podcast, and we will begin with a description of what the podcast is about.

Up And Vanished Season 3 Release Date

Up and Vanished Season 3

So, Up and Vanished is a podcast show that is currently in its third season and is centred on the investigation of real persons who have gone missing. The show is hosted by Payne Lindsey, who is a fan of crime fiction. The podcast, which was initially broadcasted in 2016 and is produced by Tenderfoot TV, has completed two seasons as of 2018. There are a total of 37 episodes in the podcast, which includes both seasons 1 and 2. Payne Lindsey will once again serve as the show’s host for Season 3.

At this time, it is not known how many episodes will be produced for season 3. Up and Vanished has revealed a release date for the third season, which is the 1st of September 2022, according to their website.

That brings the information about the podcast to a close. Let’s take a look at what the storyline for season 3 will be.

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Up and Vanished Plot

In season 3, Payne will look into the disappearance of Ashley Loring HeavyRunner, who was a member of the HeavyRunners. At the time of her abduction in 2017, she was only 20 years old, and she belonged to an indigenous community.

Up and Vanished Season 3

She was last seen on the Blackfeet Nation Indian Reservation, where she went missing. The only thing that was found was her ripped sweater and bleeding boots, which had been lost for five years. Payne plans to reinvestigate the case through the podcast, which will include a visit to the location of Ashley’s disappearance and interviews with her friends, family, and other relatives.

You might wonder what use Payne’s investigation could possibly have on a case that has been cold for five years. If it is Payne, then there is a great deal at stake. Here is the evidence so that you can judge for yourself.

Every season of the podcast, Payne’s inquiry into the topics has yielded fruitful results in the past, dating back to the first season. During season 1, for example, two persons were arrested in connection with the disappearance of Tara Grinstead after the season had ended. Afterwards, in season 2, after Payne examined the disappearance of Kristal Reisinger, her case was reopened for further inquiry by the authorities.

You can see that Payne’s podcast truly contributes to bringing at least some closure to the family and loved ones of the person who has gone missing, while also delivering a taste of true crime for those who enjoy it.

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We may predict that the case of Ashley will likewise see a breakthrough of some sort in the near future. The third season, on the other hand, is released after a period of time.

If you haven’t already, take a listen to the first two seasons of the show while you wait.

To investigate the disappearance of indigenous lady Ashley Loring HeavyRunner from the Blackfeet Nation Indian Reservation in 2017, the host of the show Payne Lindsey returns for season 3. Investigating cold case disappearances is the focus of Up and Vanished, a real-life crime series. Both Tara Grinstead’s disappearance from Georgia and Kristal Reisinger’s abduction from a remote mountain hamlet in Colorado have been reopened since the conclusion of Season 1.

Up & Vanished was compelling because the host, Payne Lindsay, was a self-described “armchair investigator” who was a fan of true-crime shows like Serial and How To Make A Murderer before deciding to investigate unsolved killings himself. His investigation led him to Tara Grinstead, a former beauty queen and history teacher from the small Georgia town of Ocilla, whose 2005 disappearance remains unsolved. First season of Up & Vanished drew an audience of more than 240 million people… until two arrests were made in 2017 in connection with the 12-year-old case.

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