Unveiling The Truth Behind Is Jack Griffo Gay: Rumors, Dating History, And Instagram Posts!


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People are always curious to know if is Jack Griffo Gay. Jack Griffo, a 26-year-old American actor, became famous as Max Thunderman in the popular Nickelodeon series “The Thundermans.” He has been in the entertainment business for over ten years.

What Is Jack Griffo’s S*xuality?

There have been some rumors that Jack Griffo is gay due to his fashion choices. But this is not true. People are spreading rumors only solely on their assumptions. His interest in makeup has nothing to do with his s*xual orientation.

A photo of him in a wedding gown with Brian Stepanek was shared on Instagram. This fueled the rumors even more Griffo captioned the post, “That time I married Brian Stepanek,”. But it was most likely a joke between friends working on something together. And also, Brian Stepanek is already married to Parisa, his wife of more than twenty years. Jack Griffo is not gay.

How Did Jack Griffo Start His Career

In the Nickelodeon series, The Thundermans Jack Griffo portrayed Max Thunderman from 2013 to 2018. He has also appeared in Netflix’s Alexa & Katie ( which did not release its 5th season). He also worked in films such as Jinxed and Splitting Adam. Griffo also has a YouTube channel where he shares song covers, which has over 178,000 subscribers and 8.60 million views as of November 2019.

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Griffo and his friend Kelsey released the song “Hold Me” on October 17, 2011. Its music video has already received over 4 million views since its release on October 29, 2011.

Rumors About Jack Griffo’s S*xual Prefrence

The question of Jack Griffo’s s*xuality has sparked heated debate among his fans. Many people have speculated about whether he is gay or not, As per a source, Griffo came out during a radio interview with Howard Stern (who is also rumored to be gay) in 2009.

is jack griffo gay

Griffo openly admitted to the report that he was attracted to men. He had been living with another man for two years at the time of the interview. They allegedly met on Grindr, a dating app made especially for the LGBTQ community.

Jack Griffo struggled with his s*xuality because he was afraid of being judged by others. He only found the courage to come out after meeting someone who accepted and understood him for who he is.

However, these are only rumors. There is no concrete evidence to support the claim that Griffo came out during a radio interview. As a result, we are unable to verify the actor’s coming-out story.

Dating Life Of Jack Griffo

Jack Griffo is romantically involved with Paris Berelc. She worked in Hubie Halloween( Hubie Halloween  2nd season is awaited) in 2023. The couple began dating in 2017. Griffo was previously involved with Ryan Newman, whom he met while filming See Dad Run in 2013. Despite the fact that the couple never publicly confirmed their relationship, rumors suggest they were together for three years before splitting up. Griffo unfollowed Newman on social media after the breakup.

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In 2013, during the filming of the family comedy Jinxed, he was frequently seen in public with his co-star Ciara Bravo. The two were photographed together at various movie-related events. Griffo later clarified that they were simply friends.

is jack griffo gay

Jack Griffo met Kira in 2012 while working on the show The Thundermans. The two had a brief romantic relationship at the start of filming, but they mostly saw each other as siblings after that.

Jack Griffo Has A Feminine Instagram Account

Jack Griffo remained tight-lipped about his s*xuality after the radio interview. However, he dropped some hints when he posted photos on April 29, 2021, where he appeared feminine. He was wearing makeup, jewelry, and even eyelashes in the photo.

He wrote in the post Instagram that one should overcome fear and hatred and not let anyone put them down for being themselves. He also used an expletive and credited Erik Torppe and Ryan Orange for the photos.


Though he once allegedly mentioned that he is involved with a gay. But there was no confirmation to support his statement made in the radio interview. As per the actor, he is not gay. And his dating history only involves no men on the list.

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