Unveiling The Mystery: What is the ‘Blue Eye Theory’ On TikTok?


Aditi Narendra

Are you also curious about what is the Blue Eye Theory on TikTok? TikTok users are always finding ways to stay entertained with the latest trends. This popular video-sharing platform is used by millions of people worldwide. And it constantly introduces new challenges that are both fun and sometimes silly.

One of the current trends on TikTok is the ‘blue eye theory'(just like the blonde hair filter). It is a fashion trend where people with different eye colors use a filter to make their eyes appear blue. It has gained a lot of attention and many people are participating in the challenge. But what exactly is the blue eye theory and why are people taking part in this trend?

What Do You Understand By ‘Blue Eye Theory’?

You must have stumbled upon TikTok videos tagged with the caption ‘blue eye theory’. Now you may be wondering what it means. The trend involves users with non-blue eye colors staring into the camera. They then use the ‘blue eye’ TikTok filter to turn their eyes blue after closing and reopening them.

How to use ‘Blue Eye Theory’ filter in tik tok

The theory suggests that blue eyes make a person appear more intimidating. When a person with darker eye shades, such as hazel, brown, or black, creates the same expression with blue eyes, they become a more sinister appearance.

Craze Of The Blue Eye

Individuals who naturally possess blue eyes have expressed agreement. They say that this particular physical attribute can have a similar impact on real-life interactions.

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People with blue eyes claim that their gaze is frequently perceived as overly intense. Some even claim that others actively avoid making eye contact with them.

The Blue Eye Theory: Intensity, Genetics, And Perception

Some individuals with blue eyes have shared their support for the theory. They told that people often perceive their facial expressions as too intense. In fact, some have even admitted to avoiding eye contact with others, as their piercing gazes could be seen as offensive.

How to use ‘Blue Eye Theory’ filter in tik tok


The presence of blue eyes is attributed to a genetic mutation that occurred in the OCA2 gene. This is responsible for melanin production, around 6,000 to 10,000 years ago in the Black Sea region. This mutation results in a reduced amount of melanin in the iris and caused light to scatter and reflect off the eye. This gave it a blue appearance.

A similar concept applies to hazel and green eyes. While blue eyes are most commonly found among populations in Northern and Eastern Europe, they can also be found in other regions as a result of migration and interbreeding.

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