Unveiling the Mystery: Is Brian Tyree Henry Gay? Discover Career, Homose*ual Roles, And Personal Life Of ‘The Eternal’ Star


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It is not yet explicitly disclosed if is Brian Tyree Henry gay or straight. But after his portrayal of the first openly gay superhero in “The Eternals,” there was a storm of speculation. The rumors gained speed when his co-star shared news of a famous on-screen kiss that reportedly moved everyone on set to tears.

Haaz Sleiman is his onscreen partner in “The Eternals“. He praised Henry and expressed admiration for the beauty he brought to his character. Through this role, Henry has contributed to advancing diversity and representation in the realm of superhero films and beyond.

Is Brian Tyree Henry  Straight Or Gay?

We don’t know if Henry is gay in real life. Though he played the role of Phastos the first openly gay character in the MCU(which has recently announced Invasion). It was quite a groundbreaking moment, especially since the character had a husband and family in the movie. Haaz Sleiman, who played Phastos’ husband, even teased a kiss between them. It was a big deal considering the lack of LGBTQ representation in other TV shows and movies.

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Many of them have attempted to incorporate LGBTQ themes but failed to allow couples to share such intimate moments on screen. The MCU is trying to avoid making the same mistake. But now fans are left wondering about Brian Tyree Henry’s s*xuality.

brian tyree henry gay

In 2021, Henry’s role was significant because the Hollywood industry wanted to make up for their past mistakes and show respect to the LGBTQ community. Henry explained in an interview that he was drawn to the role because it allowed him to portray Black men.

Through this, he wanted to explore how they are seen by others. Although he played an openly gay character, he chose not to discuss his own s*xuality. It left people curious about whether the rumors were true.

Who Is Brian Tyree Henry Dating?

We don’t know much about Henry’s personal relationships. He has never been married. After his mother’s death, he shared that he wasn’t emotionally prepared to date. During an interview, he expressed how can he pursue a romantic relationship when he was still grieving. He is still in a chaotic state. He doesn’t want to involve anyone else in that until he has a clear understanding of himself.

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Henry also discussed his mother’s love relationship and how he had noticed that the partner did not treat her well. He even made an effort to convince her that she should not waste her time in a relationship if there was no love involved. The actor is probably single right now based on his perspective on relationships and his personal experiences.

Career Of Brian Tyree Henry

Henry began his acting career on stage by appearing in several plays and musicals. He appeared in all three pieces of the trilogy about siblings by Tarell Alvin McCraney. He also played Tybalt in a Shakespeare in the Park performance of Romeo and Juliet in 2007. In 2011, Henry had his Broadway debut in the musical The Book of Mormon, in which he co-starred with Josh Gad and Andrew Rannells(who was in Big Mouth Season 6).

Henry has made guest appearances on hit TV shows like Law & Order, The Good Wife, and Boardwalk Empire on HBO, where he plays Winston Scrapper on a regular basis. In the Steven Soderbergh-directed episode of The Knick “The Busy Flea” he portrayed Larkin.

Brian Tyree Henry: Vocal Advocate For LGBTQ+ Rights

Similar to other well-known gay celebrities like rapper Lil Nas X(who is quite rich)and journalist Don Lemon, Brian Tyree Henry is a vocal advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. In a 2020 Instagram post, he wore a t-shirt that expressed his support for both Black and transgender individuals with the words, “I’m rooting for everybody Black & trans.”

brian tyree henry gay

Reflecting on his role as Phastos in 2022, Henry expressed his deep appreciation for portraying the character and emphasized his commitment to supporting and leading queer individuals. He wants every queer person to know that he stands with them and actively provides guidance and assistance.


Brian Tyree Henry finds solace and a sense of security in performing. This may be the reason for his constant commitment to his great career. His talent and strong presence allowed him to get beyond rejection in the past because of not meeting conventional beauty standards or being deemed “small enough” for main roles. It is obvious that Henry currently values his career more than his personal life.

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