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Unveiling the Anticipated 5 twists To Expect From Boruto Chapter 79

Are you curious to know about the 5 twists to expect from Boruto chapter 79? The long wait for Boruto chapter 78 is now over, and fans are eagerly looking forward to the release of Boruto chapter 79, which is expected to be available on March 20, 2023.

With the release of the latest chapter, fans are expressing their excitement and anticipation about the upcoming installment. As chapter 78 left several unanswered questions, fans are busy speculating and creating their own theories about what might happen in the next chapter. With the beautiful illustrations in the latest chapter, fans have high expectations for the next one and can’t wait to read it on the MangaPlus and Shonen Jump apps

1) Kawaki’s Name In The Bingo Book

In the previous Boruto chapter, Kawaki successfully made Naruto and Hinata disappear with Dai-kokuten and then attempted to carry out his plan to kill Boruto. However, his plan was thwarted thanks to the intervention of Sarada, Sasuke, Shikamaru, and Mitsuki. Eventually, Kawaki fled the scene with the help of Momoshiki. In the upcoming chapter 79 of Boruto, Kawaki could escape from the village and try to kill Boruto again.

Due to his involvement in various rebellious acts, Kawaki may be seen as a rogue by others. As news of his actions spreads to other villages, they may also start searching for him. As a result, it’s possible that Kawaki’s name will be included in the bingo book in the upcoming chapter.

2) Boruto Learns To Use Jougan

In Boruto chapter 78, Sarada intervened in the fight between Kawaki and Boruto, and Kawaki threatened to kill her. Boruto jumped in to protect her, resulting in a scar on his right eye, similar to his appearance after the time skip. Upon opening his right eye, Momoshiki took control of Boruto, and the Jougan appeared in his eye.

In Boruto chapter 79, it is anticipated that Boruto may train with Sasuke to gain control of Jougan without being possessed by Momoshiki. This is because, in the early stages of the Boruto series, Boruto is seen to control Jougan as he wishes.

3) Eida and Daemon Leave Konoha

Shikamaru has gained the assistance of Eida, who is working with him to uncover the truth about Naruto and Hinata’s disappearance. Moreover, Eida has provided Shikamaru with information regarding Kawaki’s plan to kill Boruto again. Eida has also admitted to having strong emotions towards Kawaki, leading her to move to Konoha to be closer to him and learn more about him.

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However, if Kawaki decides to leave the village, Eida and Daemon may also depart. Given Eida’s ability to manipulate others with her charm, there may be little anyone can do to prevent them from leaving.

4) Boruto’s Vision Comes To Reality

In Boruto chapter 75, titled The domain of God, Boruto had a Jougan-induced vision of Shikadai, Chocho, and Inojin confronting someone near the Hokage-face stone and expressing disappointment in their actions. In the same vision, Boruto saw Sarada claiming to have found the person they were seeking, and Mitsuki was in Sage mode, expressing fury.

5 twists To Expect From Boruto Chapter 79

Moving on to Boruto chapter 79, it is likely that the authorities will organize a search party to locate Kawaki, while Boruto’s friends – Shikadai’s team, Sarada, and Mitsuki – will attempt to prevent him from carrying out his plan to kill Boruto. The reason for their anger is due to their friendship with Boruto and their opposition to Kawaki’s intentions.

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To put it differently, there is another matter to consider. It is possible that they will have to confront Boruto, who may be under the control of Momoshiki and wreak havoc in the village once again. However, the inclusion of Kawaki in the scenario makes it difficult to confirm this theory in the 79th chapter of the Boruto series.

5) Code’s appearance in Konoha

In chapter 77, it was revealed by Eida to Shikamaru that Kawaki had a plan, which involved Code creating soldiers named “Claw Grimes” by splitting the Ten-tails, and that their numbers were increasing. Previous chapters also showed that Code held a grudge against Konoha due to an attempted assassination by Daemon, which caused Code to flee.

5 twists To Expect From Boruto Chapter 79

With the disappearance of Naruto, the village is likely to fall into disarray, which presents the perfect opportunity for Code to launch an attack on Konoha. Furthermore, with his limiter removed, Code has become incredibly powerful and would be a difficult opponent for Konoha’s shinobi to handle. It is possible that this scene may occur in either chapter 79 or chapter 80 of the Boruto series.

From Where Chapter 79 Will Start

In the previous chapter of Boruto, titled “Boruto” Chapter 78, the story continued with Boruto facing off against Kawaki. Boruto had just discovered that Kawaki was responsible for trapping his parents, Naruto and Hinata, in another dimension as part of his plan to kill Boruto. The upcoming chapter, “Boruto” Chapter 79, is set to be released on Monday, March 20, and fans are eagerly anticipating what will happen next in the story.

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