Unveiled by Rolling Stone, Dua Lipa offers an honest look into her third album, breakup, and political beliefs



The incredible Dua Lipa is Rolling Stone’s ground-breaking February worldwide cover star, as the magazine revealed today. The insightful interview, Dua Lipa Is Done Being a Mystery, explores the complex world of the pop icon and is masterfully handled by journalist Brittany Spanos.

After a breakup, Lipa talks candidly about her newfound single status, her eagerly awaited third album, and her strong opinions on political issues, particularly the Israel-Palestine conflict. You can read my analysis of this article, which shows how an interview turns into a conversation, below!

Highlights of the Story

An Unprocessed Musical Adventure

Lipa promises a more unvarnished experience as she offers details about the tone of her new album. She states that she wants to convey the spirit of youth, freedom, and life’s unpredictable nature.

Dua Lipa at the Critics Choice Awards wearing a red floral dress like to a literal English rose

There’s a rawer sense to this record. I want to convey the spirit of being young and free, enjoying life to the fullest and allowing everything happen, good or bad. It is unchangeable. All you can do is learn to roll with the punches of your current circumstances.

Managing Work and Life in Balance

The conversation delves into Lipa’s strategy for keeping her personal and professional lives apart. She places a strong emphasis on the need to live genuinely and steer clear of manufactured controversy for the sake of publicity. “I prefer to just be myself, compose music, take pictures, and dip.I have no desire to stir up controversy or act in a way that will elicit a response.

Dispelling the Mysteries

In response to the notion that she is a mysterious person, Lipa affirms her British nationality and questions the practice of celebrities disclosing intimate details of their private lives to the general public. “I believe I am British.

Dua Lipa shares a video of herself finding it difficult to settle into her Golden Globes gown: “A Reclining Chair Was the Only Item Missing”

I don’t think I’m here to attract attention or to expose my guts on a talk show just to make a news cycle go better.I genuinely don’t think people know anything about the people they support, despite the fact that they may believe they do.

“Vacanza Queen”

In an honest response to her fans’ dubbed “vacanza queen,” Lipa defends her right to take a vacation following a demanding tour schedule. It goes without saying that I planned to take a f****** break and relax during the year I wasn’t working in the studio.

I’ll find a way to unwind as long as I’m performing my duties, meeting my obligations, and finishing my work. Really, it’s work hard, play hard. Why not?

Handling Breakups Compassionately

Thinking back on a split, Lipa discusses her changed outlook on letting go amicably. “When you experience a feeling like that, you feel like a really mature person because you realize that you’ve come a long way as a person and can now accept that your ex has moved on.

Adele Has Been Called the “British Queen” by Dua Lipa

” I believe that during some of the breakups I’ve experienced, I believed that the only possible type of breakup was one that ended horribly. A pleasant finale to things was really unusual.I learnt a lot from it.

Advice for Up-and-Coming Artists

In her guidance for up-and-coming musicians, Lipa stresses the significance of giving the commercial side of the profession early consideration. “Pay attention from the beginning, particularly with the commercial aspect of things.I believe not enough individuals convey that to aspiring artists. Naturally, everything seems quite thrilling at first, but it’s important to be informed and to look for oneself.

The Views of Dua Lipa Regarding the Israel-Palestine Conflict

In a particularly noteworthy passage, Lipa candidly navigates the complications in discussing her opinions on the Israel-Palestine conflict. “I have extremely genuine and unfiltered views concerning displaced people, and it is a contentious topic to discuss.

However, there is a universe in which you can feel sorrow for every life that is lost. And I must say this: notwithstanding what [the advertising in] The New York Times stated [in 2021], I do not support what Hamas is doing. Every life is valuable.

Dua Lipa Wowed at the Academy Museum Gala Wearing Diamonds Valued at $1.7 Million

While expressing sorrow for the Israeli deaths, Lipa emphasizes how urgent it is to address the humanitarian situation in Gaza. “I am deeply saddened by the loss of every Israeli life and the events on October 7th.Right now, we need to consider the number of lives killed in Gaza, including those of innocent bystanders and those that are simply ending. Simply said, there aren’t nearly enough world leaders speaking out about the need for a humanitarian cease-fire and the current humanitarian catastrophe.

In this insightful interview with Rolling Stone, Dua Lipa reveals herself as a multifaceted, thoughtful, and involved artist who skillfully and authentically navigates the intricacies of celebrity, relationships, and global challenges.

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