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Unlock Your Luck: Discover the Top 5 Best Casino Games for Novice Online Players!

If you are a casino newbie, you’ve come to the right place to start your research! In this article, we’ll be discussing the top 5 best casino games for new players.

We’ll examine which games offer good RTPs, straightforward rules and a fantastic game experience for novices. So if you’re ready to start your online casino gaming journey, read on to find out which games are the best for you!


Video slots are the most accessible and convenient pick for a novice player who wants diversity. The rules are straightforward. You must press a button, spin the reels and understand the symbols’ payouts.

You can find online slots with a house edge between 3%-20%, but it would be better to stick to the ones with an RTP of at least 92% with extra features. Over 60% of the online slots have unique features that increase your winning odds, such as expanding symbols, multipliers, or Red or Black.

They are also available in a broad range of themes and variations to appeal to everyone’s design desire. Developers even create a series of slots based on what people play the most, meaning that you’ll probably find your favourite Leprechaun or Egypt God on multiple video slots.


Blackjack is a worldwide favourite due to its simplicity. It has the lowest house edge, and 20-40% of online casinos’ live dealer tables are dedicated to Blackjack. You’ll find the distinct minimum and maximum bet limits on the same website.

Your goal is to beat the dealer by getting a hand total higher than theirs without going over 21. Pro players use mathematical number sequences and winning systems, but first, you must understand when to stop and when to split hands; after these, you can worry about betting schemes.


It comes as a surprise to integrate Bingo into casino games, but this is its nature, even if people perceive it more as a social event than a gambling activity. Bingo is often played in social settings, but online casinos created Bingo rooms for novices and passionate bettors.

Online Bingo is more accessible because you need to purchase bingo cards before the game starts. When the game begins, the numbers are called out, just like regular Bingo, but you only have to look at the screen because, usually, your card will mark the numbers automatically. You win the game if you get a line of marked numbers fast enough.

What are the most popular casino games of 2022?

KingCasinoBonus compiled a list of the best and most searched casino games of 2022. The casino comparison tool analysed several data sets and revealed what novice online players were looking for.

Slots are the top favourite with almost 440K searches, and Poker comes in next with 64K. The following two preferences are Blackjack, with 12K, and Roulette, with 10K yearly searches in the UK.

Their data shows players look for games with low house edges and more straightforward rules. This indicates they think about budget management and pick games with low minimum bets.

Additional things to consider before picking a casino game

As a beginner player, you often do not know which game is better to choose from online casinos. There is only one certain thing, the first aspect to consider is the license. Any online casino that wants to work legally in the UK needs a permit issued by the UK Gambling Commission.

After you check this step, you still have to make a few other decisions before playing.

Does the casino offer deals?

Most online casinos have welcome bonuses, and some offer additional promotions throughout the year. Make sure you read the bonus page and the terms and conditions of each bonus that might interest you because if you miss one step, you won’t get your cashback money or free spins.

You can compare the wagering requirements if you find similar bonuses and stick to the one with the lower pot.

Trust the experts

Find dedicated comparison websites, like the one mentioned above, that compare and review online casinos. They invest time and years of knowledge to write a complete review about the casino. You can find precious information and deals without creating an account.

After the official resumes, you can also read gamblers’ reviews on forums. They talk about their experiences on specific websites and even advise on playing games or discussing the latest strategies.


If you are a casino novice, the most suitable games are slots, Blackjack and Bingo. You don’t have to play them all to find out which category appeals to you more, but it is preferable to experiment with a bit of money until you understand what type of game you like. After you test one or two of these, you can move to Roulette or Poker.

In this process, you may also discover that casino games are not for you, and that’s okay. Our site offers you professional knowledge on multiple topics. Take a look to see what other hobbies or activities you could start in 2023.

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