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David Mudd

Universal Studios: Minions, Sing Sequels Delayed And Take Wicked Movie Off Schedule

Sony already delayed its Morbius and Ghostbusters: Afterlife earlier. Following the trend because of the present global situation, Universal studios also delayed its sequels. Delayed movies include the sequels of Minions and Sing that are The Rise of Gru and Sing 2 respectively. The sequel for Minions was delayed due to the shut down of its studio in France. That means the movie couldn’t complete on the scheduled dates.

It was planned to launch on July third. Moreover, it is delayed for 12 months now. The new date announced for the Rise of Gru is on July 2, 2021. After all, that was the date scheduled for the launch of Sing 2. Sing 2 is also from the same studio. So, it will be postponed for another 12 months. That means it is rescheduled to launch on December 22 of 2021.


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More Movies Delayed Or Off Scheduled 

Hollywood is already entered into a lockdown zone. All the productions and shootings are shut down or delayed for an indefinite period. Besides, Universal Studios also got affected in the same way. Beyond those, Common had set the launch for the film “Wicked” on December 22, 2021. It also got delayed and a new date is yet to be announced.

The musical adaptation of the hit broadway exhibit needs to wait for an indefinite period to see the big screen. The musical is coming out with an expensive cast such as Evan Hansen. Musical movies need spaces of time between the releases. Because they are entirely different from a superhero movie that can be released simultaneously. Moreover, the whole world is waiting for the pandemic situation to be over and get back into its normal life.


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