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Unhinged 2020 American Thriller Movie Starring Russell Crowe!


David Mudd

Excited to watch thriller and crime American movie and searching here and there to watch an interesting movie then go and watch Unhinged 2020 thriller and Action film by Derrick Borte in which main antagonist or the character Tom Cooper is mentally disturbed and takes the revenge from his ex-wife and her boyfriend along with other victim which came in his way.

Sometimes you have seen similar situations in your real life when one lost his temper and did something wrong as he/she is not mentally fit at that time and didn’t know what they are doing and take their revenge also from other people who are not actually the part of their happenings.

So this film is also based on that revengeful person story who takes revenge from one of the victim and her bad day becomes more worse when she beeps a horn in a traffic and the angry and psychopath Tom took the revenge from her due to his divorce from his wife and could bear what happened to his life. So he decided to take revenge from her as he was frustrated even after killing and setting her ex-wife and her boyfriend on fire.

These are the stars who gave their best in Unhinged Movie. Russell Crowe plays Tom Cooper who is mentally disturbed person, Rachel Flynn by Caren Pistorius and she played the role of Kyle’s mother and the victim whom Tom Cooper is chasing.


Gabriel Bateman as Kyle Flynn, son of Rachel (divorced lady). Fred who is brother of Rachel is played by Austin P. McKenzie and Andy, lawyer and friend of Rachel, played by Jimmi Simpson.

There are many other members who gave their contribution to the movie and film received $44.3 million against the budget of $33 million and released in English language in many countries mainly in the United States and it ran for 93 minutes.

Music in the movie is credited by David Buckley which Solstice Studios is the Distributed partner to release the film. The tag line on the poster also thrills and it is “He can happen to anyone” and Carl Ellsworth contributed as the writer of the movie.

Unhinged Film: Release Date

This thriller film was released back in 2020 on two different dates and in different countries. Firstly the film premiered on July 16, 2020 in Germany and on August 21 in the same year in the United States and earned mixed reviews from critics and most of the fans and critics love the amazing performance of Crowe’s but the film is average one and didn’t take advantage of Covid-19 as it was released in many areas in different intervals of time.

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What is the Story of Unhinged 2020 film?


The story revolves around Tom Cooper and a victim, Rachel Flynn. Let’s start with the story. A day before meeting with Rachel on the busy road he (Tom) had done crime as he murdered his ex-wife and her boyfriend on a raining night.

Tom is a mentally disturbed person and he does want to think right without any emotion and sets the house on fire and leaves that place as he wants to take the revenge from his ex-wife and at that time he was frustrated to live his unhappy life.

Next morning, a single mother, Rachel Flynn is driving on a busy road to drop her son Kyle to the school and her bad day turns out to be more worse when one of her clients fried her and then she beeps horn at Tom’s truck as she was late and his truck is stuck on the road which blocked her way.

After this Tom says sorry to Rachel by following her and then he told her to also apologize to her but she says why she said sorry to him as she didn’t do any wrong act. And he follows her and makes her day worse and decides to teach her a lesson.

He stopped his truck in front of Rachel and then she managed to call Andy to solve the problem but later on he again tracked Rachel and frightened her in the gas station by killing the customer by beating him.

Then he beats Andy (lawyer) and stabs him before Rachel reaches there. Then he offered her to call anyone so that the next person will be treated in the same manner and who is ready to die.


She left the place and went to Kyle’s school to pick him, however Tom arrived at Rachel’s brother’s house Fred where he killed Fred’s finance Mary and then tried Fred to kill him and then called Rachel to take his son to him if she wants her brother to stay alive.

Tom Sets Fred house on fire when police arrive to shoot him but he manages to escape from that place and then wants to kill Rachel and then Kyle who is hidden in upstairs of Rachel’s mother house but Rachel manages to save her child by killing that psychopathic Tom by stabbing pair of scissors in this eyes and killing him.

Then both of them go to see Fred who survived from the attack and later on she doesn’t beep on the traffic road and stops her car and her son observes all this and says Good Choice as they both remember what happened in the past and then again drives away to the point.

You can watch this film on Amazon Prime Video and the movie got 6 ratings out of 10 on IMDB while it received 48% which is poor on Rotten Tomatoes. But the movie is good to watch and interesting if you are a lover of thriller action films. For more movies you can search it on Trendingnewsbuzz.com.

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