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Everything About Unexpected Cast and What Are They Doing Now

TLC expects to battle with MTV’s “Teen Mom” and “16 and Pregnant” series with “Unexpected.” The reality TV series “Unexpected” follows the unexpected pregnancies of young mothers, their relationships with their partners and families during the pregnancy, and their duties after the baby are born.

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The program chronicles every significant event in the dramatic lives of teenage mothers who are the focus of each season, from proms to baby showers to graduation. We have all the information you need right here on the “Unexpected” mothers and fathers. There have been three seasons of the show thus far.

McKayla Adkins with Caelan Morrison From Season 1

McKayla and Caelan, her high school sweetheart, have always had a contentious relationship that has been featured on television ever since she fell pregnant at the age of 16 four years ago. After having a son as a couple, they were subsequently blessed with a girl during a subsequent pregnancy. Beginning in the year 2020, McKayla and Caelan made the decision to cohabitate while their on-again, off-again relationship continued. Their relationship didn’t work out, and they split up following a violent argument.

McKayla and the two children have returned to live with her grandparents, who also reared McKayla. She is currently seeing an unknown man. In terms of her career, McKayla recently disclosed that she has been reselling suggestive images of herself on an app with an adult theme. Caelan has resorted to YouTube to express how much he misses his children and appears to be making every effort to obtain custody of them and establish his paternity. We are unsure if he is still dating Hana Fawaz, his new girlfriend, though.

Lexus Scheller with Shayden Massey – Season 1

In 2017, Lexus, who became pregnant at the age of 15, gave birth to a stunning baby girl. She received assistance from her mother and grandmother while she struggled to raise a child as a teenager. Given that both their mothers and grandmothers were adolescent mothers, they undoubtedly had a lot of experience. They continue to support one another and live together today.

Unexpected Cast

Lexus only recently completed his education in 2018. She is no longer with her baby’s father, Shayden. Nevertheless, he still loves her and will keep attempting to win her back, according to Shayden’s Instagram post. According to reports, Shayden is going to become a father once more, but this time, with someone else.

Lilly Bennet with James Kennedy From Season 1

After barely a few months of dating in high school, Lilly and James had a daughter. When Lilly gave birth, she was still just 16 years old. However, she had her own mother to rely on. It is not surprising that Lilly and James’ relationship did not endure very long as they had not been involved long enough to get to know one another well.

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In November 2020, Lilly will welcome her second child with a new partner: her boyfriend at the time, Lawrence Charles Bishop III. James avoids the spotlight and doesn’t engage in a lot of social media activity.

Chloe Mendoza and Max Schenzel From Season 2

When Chloe became pregnant, at the age of 16, Max was an adult. 2018 saw the birth of their daughter. Regrettably, the relationship didn’t last because of a number of issues. Max’s mother, for once, never warmed to him, and he frequently struggled with substance misuse. However, it was never confirmed, there were also allegations of a violent confrontation between the two.

Early in 2020, the couple separated after Max relapsed into alcoholism. When Max admitted to stealing money and a credit card from his friend’s grandma, he was already in problems with the police and was charged with felony theft. Chloe, 19, is currently enrolled at Arizona State University while Max, who lives nearby and is working to change his ways and be a better father, tries to live up to his obligations.

Laura Barron with Tylor Strawmyer From Season 2

Like other couples on the show, Laura and Tylor had their son Lucas when they were teenagers. However, unlike many other couples, they later got married. Out of all the “Unexpected” couples, Laura and Tylor were determined to become the last ones who stand and remain together the longest. They had a son named Leo as their second child in 2019, and shortly afterward, in early 2020, they revealed that they were expecting their third child.

Unexpected Cast
Unfortunately, Laura revealed that she had lost her third pregnancy in June 2020. The couple, who had been relocating as a result of Tylor’s US Navy duty, ultimately split up in June 2020 after four and a half years of dating.

Emiley Noack with Diego Reyes From Season 2

Nobody anticipated Emiley and Diego would stick around after their initial introduction in season 2 of “Unexpected.” Diego treated Emiley in a somewhat brutish manner constantly, which is why. They had a girl in 2018, and they had a really ugly breakup not long after. But both have seen substantial life growth during the past few years, and they now appear to get along well.

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For the benefit of their daughter, the former couple has been able to maintain a positive co-parenting arrangement. Emily has moved on romantically and is currently involved with Texas man Hunter Lynn in a really serious way. Diego has improved his behavior and enlisted in the US Army.