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Uncharted: Release Date, Shooting, Plot And Cast Details On The Movie Adaptation


David Mudd

Talking about adaptations and production delays, Uncharted serves as a crossover between the two. The film is an adaptation of the video game of the same name and is facing delays since the beginning of its production. However, we may finally be getting closer to the final product.

Here is everything you need to know about Uncharted, plot, cast, release date.

The Plot Of Uncharted


Uncharted is adapted from the video game. However, the film does not follow the video game storyline, yet. It is an origin film which establishes the role of the main characters in the movie. Therefore, many people are suspecting that the origin movie will pave the way for a series of movies if all goes well.

The movie follows the story of Nathan Drake, a descendant of Sir Frances Drake. Nathan is a treasure hunter who believes that he has found the location of El Dorado. El Dorado is a famous city which, according to legends, is cursed as a city of gold in South America. Nathan’s adventure becomes more complicated as another competitor joins the hunt.

The Cast Of Uncharted

Along with the turbulent production, the casting for the movie has also been chaotic, with the main actors being considered for the role of Nathan Drake. After Chriss Pratt and Mark Wahlberg dropped out, Tom Holland is going t play Nathan Drake in the movie.

Tom Holland is not the only MCU star coming to the movie. Rumors say that Chris Hemsworth may join the cast as Sullivan or Sully, Drake’s close friend and ally. Other stories say that Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston may also join the cast. However, details about the cast remain scarce as of now.

The Release Date Of Uncharted

As we said, Uncharted has been through a turbulent production history. Talks about Sony making an Uncharted film started way back in 2008. However, the idea was benched for years. Then in 2014, producers teased a 2016 release of the movie. But it was delayed again due to production issues.

The mantle of the writer and director for the movie has also been passed around a lot. When Travis Knight was the director, the film was coming out on December 18, 2020. But Knight also stepped down from the project.


However, we finally seem to have clarity about the release date. If all goes well again, we sill see Nathan Drake in action on March 5, 2021.