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Big News! Uncharted 2 is Officially Happening this Year!

We are already very much aware of the fact that the movies and series are majorly based on some popular books. It’s been a tradition that has been going on for years and will continue to explore the in-depth of the show. Besides books, we are slowly heading forward for more inspiring things such as Video games, in recent times, the creators are exploring the gaming world and adapting movies and shows out of it. One of those few creations is Uncharted. The first season of Uncharted was widely praised and that’s the reason the audience is hoping to see Uncharted 2. 

Starting with Tom Holland as Nathan Drake, the series explores the adventure and centers on him as the main lead. Uncharted is a vagrant adventure series that has already remarked on its amazing popularity just after the release. Directed by Ruben Fleischer, the movie started to develop in 2008. The fans are already aware that there will be Uncharted; however, it’s gone through thousands of phases from casting to the storyline. 

In 2022, the movie finally debuted on the screen, and fans were blown away by the story and the characters that grew over time. With the massive popularity of Uncharted, there are obvious questions regarding Uncharted 2. 

Will there be Uncharted 2? When will Uncharted 2 be released? In this article, we’ll be going to share everything about the upcoming movie and will get back to you with all the updates about the movie. 

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Uncharted 2: Is it Happening?

Uncharted is one of the marvelous movies of 2022. This year, the movie finally took the chance and got released for the first time and it instantly attracted the audience. The movie grossed $400 Million and was named one of the top-grossing movies of the year. 

After the success of the movie, the fans made their predictions regarding the sequel. There are big speculations that Nathan Drake will be back with his adventurous life. There have been numerous theories that the fans out forward but the officials seem to be nowhere near it. 

Despite the movie getting a smash hit, the officials have not yet dropped an official statement that will confirm the renewal of the movie’s sequel. There have been widespread questions by the fans of the movie but we are hoping that there will be something. 

Another reason why the movie’s sequel seemed to be real is how the film ended dramatically. Even though the film didn’t get as much fame and popularity as it was destined to. Some genuine signs make us believe in the positive and aspiring future of the movie, even though the ending was something that would be remembered by the fans. 

There are major hopes that Sony will work again with the characters and the movie will be back on the screen. Uncharted 2 is likely to get renewed very soon. 

Uncharted 2: When will Uncharted Season 2 be released?

The movie, Uncharted, was released; based on 2022, After the movie set its premiere, fans decided to watch it on the screen. Uncharted is an inspiring movie that sets the adventure theme for the people. As the first movie marks its release, there have been obvious wondering if the sequel will be happening or not. 

Sony has already shown some signs that allow us to believe in the upcoming sequel. Even many websites have already reported that uncharted 2 is happening for sure. There is no reason why the creators won’t think about another sequel since the first part was pure bliss for the fans. 

Even more, since the first part of the movie has been released recently, the creators will be taking their time to think about it. The renewal of any show comes early if they have the script and story prepared. However, we know that the movie was inspired by a video game and this lowers their hope to have the storyline while prepared. It took 14 years for the Uncharted to get done, we should still beast at for some more time to hear the renewal. 

If gone easily, we are assuming that uncharted 2 will be going to happen in 2023 or 2024. We are hoping for the official release date to be announced and if there will be something that comes through official confirmation, we will make sure to update you. 

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Uncharted 2: Who will be back in it?

The major highlight of the movie is Tom Holland and of course, if there will be a sequel to the movie, we are getting his iconic role back for sure. So the sequel of Uncharted is undoubtedly going to cast Tom Holland and Nathan Drake. 

Along with this, we are confident that Mark Wahlberg is his mentor/father figure Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan. Joining the cast, we are likely to meet Sophia Ali as treasure hunter Chloe Frazer. She was their love interest of Nathan so we are hoping to have some great romance between these two in the sequel. 

In the first part, we have seen hints of their relationship and there are huge hopes that in the sequel, there will be more potential for these two to operate as a couple. 

The first part tragically ended when Nate tricks Chloe about their treasure and puts won the g details for the treasure hunts.  

Fleischer, who appeared as Sam in the show, has already teased the fans regarding the possible future of the show. He also talked about the cast and the possible return of his character in the movie. He said,

“I couldn’t promise that it’d be in the next movie, but it was really important to me that if we’re gonna bring that character back, that in this film, we acknowledge the fact he’s alive,” he explained.

“I thought it was important to make sure the audience knows that he’s out there somewhere. Nate doesn’t know. Someday he’ll find himself, is going to have some major things, and will be open to the new possibility. 

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Uncharted 2: What will be the plotline of the movie?

Uncharted 2

Uncharted is a treasure hunting movie where the main character tries to find the hidden treasure and villains get in between. The fight of treasure hunting has typically ended in the first film and we are hoping for the movie to get back on track. Sully already sacrificed to save Nate and we are hoping to find what exactly happens after they lost track of the 

As for now, there have been no updates about the plot of the show, we won’t know what will happen in the sequel but we are guessing it to have more adventure and unfold all the possibilities that the characters are determined to look for. 

If there will be anything regarding the movie, we will update you for sure. Share this article with your friends and family and let them know about the upcoming movie. Also, go through our website Trendingnewsbuzz and get all the latest updates about the world. 

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