Unauthorized Living Season 3: When Will It Release?


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All are willing to know whether Aitor Gabilondo drama is coming back for the third season of Unauthorized Living or not which is also known as Vivir Sin Premios. This Spanish drama aired for two seasons and now everyone is searching for its third season after airing its 23 episodes which feature Claudia Traisac, Alex Gonzalez, and Jose Coronado along with other stars.

The series first came on Telecinco in 2018 and then after 2 years, it is available to other fans globally through Netflix. Then they released the next season or second one on January 13, 2020, and concluded on March 16, 2020. Now let’s know more about this drama and its season 3.

Unauthorized Living Season 3: Release Date

Unauthorised Living season 3 has not yet received a formal release date because it has not been renewed. A third season is also doubtful because the second season finished on a positive note, concluding the entire tale and leaving no opportunity for further development.

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The show’s creator, the series director, further acknowledged in an interview that it was based on a novel that largely wrapped up the second season. Therefore, even if it is quite possible if the show’s creators to change the plot, we highly doubt that there is more to the story to justify the release of a new season.

Unauthorized Living Season 3: Cast

As there is nothing about season 3 but if the new season of Unauthorized Living will happen then the old cast will come back to reprise their roles in Season 3.

Unauthorized Living Season 3

These are the cast members of Unauthorized Living.

  • José Coronado as Nemo Bandeira.
  • Alex Gonzalez as Mario Mendoza.
  • Claudia Traisac as Lara Balares/ Lara Bandeira.
  • Luis Zahera as Ferro.
  • Pilar Castro as Chon Moliner.
  • Alex Monner as CarlosBandeira.
  • Unax Ugalde as Malcolm Souza.
  • Hector Arteaga as Empleado Opensea.
  • Leonor Watling as Berta Moliner.
  • Ledicia Sola as Elisa.
  • Patrick Criado as Daniel Arteaga and many more who contributed to this series.

Unauthorized Living Season 3: Plot

The Unauthorized Living revolves around a drug lord who wears the mask of a businessman. But actually, he is a drug dealer or the owner and has a big business but when he came to know about his disease or illness before his 60th birthday, he felt disappointed as he is confused that who will be his next successor or whom he can handle over his business and till then he keeps his disease as a secret and making his business in lots of works so that he can avoid his disease.

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The unauthorized Living series is based on Manuel Rivas’ novel in which Nemo is hiding his secrets. If you have not watched this series then firstly go and watch it as it is an interesting Spanish drama and its first season follows the story of keeping his secrets from his family and avoiding his problem and also thinking about who will be his next successor who can take his place.

unauthorized living season 3

And when you move further to watch its second season then you can see that his cousins are creating more and more problems for him and want to take his business along with other assets. Meanwhile, Nemo is busy saving his business by suffering a lot and also making sure that his business will not fall into the wrong hands.

It is also reported by Elcomercio that the series will not deliver further episodes and conclude with a second season. It was also said by the showrunner, “Except for a miracle, the series will end in the second round”. When asked for the spin-off of this drama then Manuel Villanueva responded:

“The truth is, no. This is a closed and very closed story. It is the story of a saga that has a very resounding ending. And from the beginning, it was thought to end there. Examining some characters you could see it. You cannot say that I will not drink from this water. But it doesn’t fit into our plans.”

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Because you see that they provided a great ending to the second season so there is less chance for the third season. And if they make up their mind to renew the series then they can make it by taking the story in another direction or completely another story.

Is there any Trailer for Unauthorized Living Season 3?

No, there is no trailer for season 3 yet as it was not officially announced to be renewed. But you can enjoy season 2 by watching its trailer-


Unauthorized Living is a good drama series to watch which received 7.5 ratings out of 10 on IMDb while it earned 9.5 out of 10 on its Premiere date. For more shows and dramas follow trendingnewsbuzz.com.