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Uma Thurman Net Worth: Her Bio, Income, Relationship and More (Updates 2022)


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Uma Thurman’s net worth is predicted to be approximately $45 million as of 2022. Uma Thurman is a Boston-born actor and model.

She has appeared in a diverse range of films, from romantic comedies and tragedies to science fiction and action pictures. She first gained international recognition for her role in Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 picture ‘Pulp Fiction.’


Uma Karuna Thurman was born in Boston on April 29, 1970. Thurman was born to Buddhist scholar and professor Robert Thurman and model Nena von Schlebrugge.

She attended Northfield Mount Hermon School, a Massachusetts preparatory school. She did, however, drop out of high school at the age of 15 to pursue an acting career.


Thurman began modelling at the age of 15 and has been on the covers of magazines such as ‘Glamour’ and ‘Vogue’. Thurman began appearing in tiny film roles in the late 1980s.

In the 1988 historical drama ‘Dangerous Liaisons,’ she portrayed Cecile de Volanges. The film received widespread critical acclaim and was nominated for multiple Academy Awards.

Thurman starred as Sissy in the 1994 film ‘Even Cowgirls Get the Blues,’ which was based on Tom Robbins’ novel of the same name.

However, the film was a critical and commercial flop. In 1994, she landed her big break when she was cast as Mia Wallace in the dark comedy ‘Pulp Fiction.’

Throughout the 1990s, she starred in a number of films, including ‘Beautiful Girls,’ ‘The Avengers,’ and ‘Sweet and Lowdown.’ In 1998, she gave birth to her first child and took a four-year hiatus from significant cinema roles to focus on her family. S

In 2008, she co-starred in the romantic comedy ‘The Accidental Husband’ alongside Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Colin Firth, and Sam Shepard. The film was a box office smash.

Uma Thurman’s net worth is $45 million as of 2022.


Here are a some of Uma Thurman’s career highlights:

  • Speculative Fiction (Movie, 1994)
  • Volume 1 of Kill Bill (Movie, 2003)

Favorite Uma Thurman Quotes

“They advise writers to write what they know. You discover it within yourself, in your heart, as a performer. You identify with the character. You attempt to live it, to make it real for yourself.” — U.S. actress Uma Thurman

“It’s difficult at times when you believe a character should look a specific way but are being pressured to portray them otherwise. I’ve had altercations over that. That is why it is critical that you work with trustworthy individuals.” — U.S. actress Uma Thurman

“For the first fourteen years of my existence, I was sure that my appearance was ugly. I understand that adolescence is hard for everyone, but mine was truly bizarre.” — U.S. actress Uma Thurman

“Buddhism has had a significant impact on who I am and how I view the world. What I’ve discovered is that I admire all religions, but just certain aspects of them.” — U.S. actress Uma Thurman

Three Valuable Lessons from Uma Thurman

Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about Uma Thurman’s net worth and how she reached success, let’s look at some of the best lessons we can take away from her:

1. You Will Forget Some Things

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3. Manage Your Time Prudently

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Uma Thurman is an American actress best known for her depiction of Mia Wallace in the dark comedy film ‘Pulp Fiction,’ which elevated her to Hollywood’s A-list status.

Uma Thurman’s net worth is predicted to be approximately $45 million as of 2022.

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