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Whether you are an Ultraman newbie or an old fan, you will enjoy the new Ultraman series by Netflix either way. The new Netflix anime venture is rather a tribute to the old TV series. At the same time, it offers us a comparison between the two different presentations of the series. You will love Ultraman Season 2.

Ultraman, a 1966 Japanese TV series, which is a prominent example of science fiction and tokusatsu, is back with a bang, and this time the all-new Ultraman is launched by one of the most famous online streaming services Netflix. Amazed by the overwhelming success of Ultraman season 1, Netflix was planning for season 2 for a long time now. They have now launched the teaser to test the viewer’s interest.

This show takes you back to those simpler days of a superhero costume, raw fighting sequences, and an abundance of special effects. After 40 years of its relaunch, there are going to be a lot of new changes. 

Now the question is how Netflix is going to make it work in a new age?

Will they change the storyline entirely? Or, is it going to be a continuation? Read on to find what happens in Netflix’s new anime venture 

Origin and History

The original Ultraman was a Japanese tv series tokusatsu. It was launched in 1967 by Tsuburay production. The series is a prominent example of many anime sub-genres like Tokusastu, Daikaiju, and Kyodai Hīro.

Ultraman season 1: Plotline 

The story is set in a different era. 40 years have passed in real-time as well as in the Ultraman –universe. when the show is re-vamped for Netflix. The plot takes off where it stopped.

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A Quick recap

The Giant of light is an alien who swore to protect the earth. To do so, he used Shin Hayeta’s human body as a host. When the Giant of light saw that Earth was free from threats, he went back to his planet. 

After this Shin Hayeta becomes an old man with no memory of the past but his body retains some of the superhuman qualities. 

Ultraman Season 2 Plot

ultraman renewed in the second season
Ultraman becomes the coolest version of himself in Season 2

The new storyline takes off from this point only. Shin’s special abilities are found to be passed on to his son Shinjiro. The new series follows Shinjiro’s journey into being a hero. 

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Shinjiro’s journey into a heroism

Shinjiro quickly finds out that things are more complicated than it seems. The World is not what it used to be. It cannot be divided into simple binaries of Good and Bad. Shinjiro realizes that New alien threats in a new age are more than what he bargained for. 

Shinjiro’s personal life too starts to fall apart. His powers become much harder to control. People around him start to get scared of him. He is frustrated and sad, not knowing what to do. 

At home, the father-son relationship stumbles. Shinjiro grows emotionally distant and his father doesn’t seem to handle the situation as well. 

It makes us wonder about the popular tradition of heroic ideals and powers being thrust upon the youngsters. It feels like this kind of robs them of the opportunity to live their lives as teenagers. 

Student life is something that we can never get back once time passes. 

The cost of heroism is often too high and must be paid before one becomes a hero in the first place.

New characters have been introduced to keep up with the news story.

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Ultraman in Manga

Inspired by the Ultraman TV series, Ultraman manga was published. The manga is written by Eiichi Shimizu and designs are done by Tomohiro Shimiguchi. It was published on 1st November 2011 for the first time.

The manga series gained worldwide fame. It sold 2.8 million copies, as of 2018.


the main characters of ultraman
The cast of Ultraman – Season 2 is revealed

The following characters are an integral part of the show.

Shin Hayata

a glimpse from the official teaser of ultraman season 2
The renewed Ultraman from the teaser released by Netflix

Shin Hayata was the one who became the first-ever Ultraman. He was a high-ranked officer in the Science Special Search Party. He fought Bemular when the Giant of Light merged with him.

Even though the Giant of Light returned home, Shin still possessed some extraordinary powers like agility and endurance. These are the very qualities that he too possesses as their gene has become  Ultragene.

Shinjiro Hayata

Shinjiro Hayeta is Shin’s son who has the same superhuman qualities as his father. The family knew about it and Shinjiro never wanted to explore it.

Shinjiro is a typical teenager with hopes and dreams. But he aspires for just normal life. He is a kindhearted person and it makes him easily approachable.

Difficulty in his personal life and isolation in school life drive him towards being Ultraman.

Mr. Ide

Mitsuhiro Ide was Shin’s lifelong friend. This tech genius was the brains behind the Ultraman photo suit. They worked together in SSSP. 

Mr. Ide soon finds out about Shinjiro’s special powers and reveals that Earth has been as peaceful as everyone thinks it to be. 

The two old friends resolve to start fighting the outer space enemies and decide that Ultraman must return.


Edo is an alien who works in SSSP. He is a Zettonian. He tells Shinjiro that there haven’t been any alien threats in the past 4o years because Humans and Aliens made a deal of peaceful co-existence.

But some monsters want to change that and only Ultraman can stop them.


Bemular is the monster that comes to take revenge on the holders of  Ultra factors. This giant monster was earlier restricted by the Science Special Search Party along with the help from Ultraman. 

He somehow escaped from the alien graveyard and is up for a new battle.

Cast of Ultraman Season 2

Josh Hutcherson, Brian Palermo and D.C.Douglas play the lead in Netflix’s Ultraman.

Ultraman Season 2

The success of Ultraman Season 1 has led Netflix to launch a new season. Packed with more action and science fiction stuff, Netflix has launched a teaser on YouTube. 

Ultraman Season 2 Release Date

The particular date for the release of the new show has not been released yet.

Ultraman Season 2 Availability

The anime will be launched on Netflix.


Ultraman is a show that kind of set the path for superhero science fiction in Asia. It took a lot of effort and will to make the show run for 39 episodes.

When there was very little technological advancement, the show made the ideas work and gained instant fame, especially among young viewers of that time. For them, it was more than an action drama in funny costumes. For them, it was a real battle against the super-powerful bullies and the heroes worth rooting for.

The new venture simply carries out that legacy of people fighting for their conviction and righteousness. 

This endeavor deserves to be watched. If not for yourself, watch it for the kid that you once were.

Drop you comments in the comment sections and stay tuned for further updates.

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