Ubisoft: Is Ubisoft Worried About The Potential Similarities Between Assassin’s Creed- Valhalla And God Of War?


With Assassins Creed Valhalla coming round, new rumors have been doing rounds. They have surfaced lately as the trailer has gained more momentum. People have started drawing similarities in this game with God Of War.

Now, God of War was released in 2018. And the game was amazing. Many people liked it and it got a lot of love from the audience. However, Ubisoft is not very concerned about this. And this is a piece of good news.

The company was considered to be terrified of the analogy drawn between the two extremely amazing games. However, it has responded with much ease. And, surely, they are confident with their work.


In no way are they worried about these rumors. So they have tried to clear them for us as well. Read on to know more about this.

What Went Down With The Similarities?

With the release of the trailer, Valhalla gathered a lot of acclaims. But many people started drawing their conclusions from it. They think that moving into the Viking era will get the game a little damage.

Also, it will be similar to the God of War, which was created on Norse mythology. The trailer has released the look of the game. It has supported a man with a heavy beard fighting his way out with the Vikings against Englishman.

There is also an appearance of the Hidden Blade. However, the makers have denied any possibility of a similarity. So there is no issue there.

How Has Ubisoft Reacted?

Ubisoft has been peculiarly calm about the entire scene. They said that the game is amazing. And God of War has particularly been great, but there is no way that it will downplay this game.

The narrative director has said that the themes might be similar, but what’s in the store is completely different. So he said that there isn’t much worry regarding this parameter.

Also, this game has just a hint of mythology, and it isn’t dwelling too much on it. And this is possibly a very good point of the game.


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The director of God of War has also come in support of this. He said that the games are very different. And that creative visions vary a lot.

So that is a piece of good news for us that we will see something different. You can already pre-order the game for your consoles. Be the first one to enjoy the game.