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Ubisoft Is Letting Out Free Games Beginning With ‘Rayman Legends’


David Mudd

Are you bored with lockdown and social distancing? I asked because many of the people are bored especially extroverts. The life of human beings is sustained with the connections and relations between other people. No one can live a happy or complete life without other one. But in a situation like this, it is important to stay inside the house and save yourself from getting infected by the deadly viruses. So the governments ordered the lockdown.

The Internet and its features are the best ways to pass the time while everyone is inside their house. Besides, there is a limit for everyone even to sit with their own family for too long. There comes the video games for their rescue. Games are the best ways to pass some time while in quarantine. Many game developers already released free-to-play games for people to play during these days.


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Ubisoft Too Starting Offering Free Games During Quarantine

Ubisoft thought that it is the best time to shower the gamers with free-to-play games. So, they came up with a PC version of Rayman Legends on Uplay. It will start things moving forward on April 3rd. The game is, of course, an old title. Besides, it has its own history and legacy. Surely, it is an upbeat game to look forward to that everything will get better.

Every future update is available at Ubisoft’s Free Events site. Moreover, it is known like daylight that Ubisoft use this as a promotional opportunity. Although, it didn’t matter for people because they can experience different games. Besides, they can go back and play the game that skipped because of money.


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