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Uber: Uber Will Offer An Unspecified Amount To Healthcare To People Who Want To Work

Recently Uber reduces its workers and now Uber is set foot to give essential health care to its workers. Yes, the Uber offering the workers who are the car drivers with a healthcare pack.

During this pandemic only these car divers are most important to travel from one place to other. People need emergency and not many of the cabs are available in this lockdown. But Uber is still maintaining its services even in the pandemic. This results the sickness in the workers and have lot of chances to attack the virus.

Keeping this in mind many workers protested for the safety measures and possible health services from companies.


At last finally Uber is keen and concentrating on the workers problems.

Uber Giving Healthcare To It’s Workers

After nearly weeks later, the incident in California makes the Uber to have lawsuit issues. This makes the remembering the workers rules and enough pay to the work for workers.

On Friday, CEO Dara Khosrowshahi told CNBC’s Squawk Box that drivers would receive health care benefits. These health care benefits the workers who work for Uber in this pandemic.

“I think a lot of full-time employees get different healthcare coverage, so it’s difficult to generalize and say that it’s going to be equal to x or y, but what we’re aiming for is healthcare that would be generally comparable and looks to protect you and a minimum earnings based on hours worked.”

He also adds ; “You want to work, you get the benefits, you don’t want to work, you don’t.” This clearly states that these benefits the workers who works in this pandemic and the remaining is not eligible to other workers.


Recently in March CEO also asks the president of USA to add the workers as essential workers and services.

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