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Uber: Uber Will Lay-off 3,700 Full-time Employees


David Mudd

Coronavirus pandemic sweeps away all the desires and livelihood of the middle-class and poor people. Now it also have an eye on the workers of the reputed companies and business like ” UBER”.

Well, yes due the day by day increments of the virus the company want to remove the about 3,700 full-time workers, or about 14% of its workforce. Since the virus have its way to every nook of the world, people are terrible a lot.

About $20 million of Uber, which had already imposed a hiring freeze. The company which headquarters of San Francisco has already offered up to 14 days of financial assistance to drivers and delivery workers. If any of the workers of the company got sick with Coronavirus then they have access to the above rules.


Uber Cutsoffs It’s Workers Due To Pandemic

As I stated in the earlier the company ties with removing the workers so that they can at least safe from pandemic.

One of the driver from the Uber discussed the situation they are going through this pandemic.

“Any trip, you could contract the virus,” Gage said. “So every single day we’re on the road we’re in harm’s way.”

“A lot of us are living on the razor’s edge of homelessness,” said Jerome Gage, 28, who drives for Uber’s rival Lyft in Los Angeles. “We have to work or we don’t eat.”

Uber already announced, on Monday, about Uber’s Middle East business Careem, saying it was cutting 536 jobs this week. This is representing 31% of the Dubai-headquartered company’s workforce.

As of the Lyft, it reports that, quarterly results on Wednesday after market hours. Mranwhile Uber is also expecting to report earnings on Thursday. At now, Uber shares opened for 3% lower on this Wednesday.


The company is up to the place to help its workers and employees. As soon as possible drivers will again expect to have their jobs after the pandemic.

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