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Uber: Uber Is Developing Tech To Make Sure Drivers Wear Face Masks

Uber is developing a technology to ensure that both the driver and the passengers are wearing masks during the trip. Read ahead to know more. Also, read-ahead how the cab business is affected by the pandemic.

Cab Business During The Coronavirus Outbreak

All businesses and services are badly affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Moreover, talking about the cab industry, the lockdown has forced people to stay at home. As a result, no one is moving out unless it is for some medical or supply reasons.

This has brought down the cab business to its worst. Moreover, companies like Uber and Lyft are suffering the worst. Both of them have oligopoly in the US market. However, both are having severe financial crunch at the moment.

The situation has become so bad for Lyft that it had to lay-off 1000 employees to fulfill its financial liabilities. Not only Lyft but other companies as well are following the same route to stay afloat amidst this pandemic crisis. Also, Uber is planning to lay-off 20% of its staff.


Uber To Make New Tech

Considering the current situation, Uber is developing a technology that will ensure that both the driver and the passengers are wearing a mask during the trip. However, the company has not announced how this technology will work but it will be out soon.

We will see it first being used in the United States. Also, Uber has a Real-Time Id-Check. This feature verifies the driver when they click a selfie before the ride. Maybe the company will utilize this technology along with their new tech.

Uber wants to ensure the safety of both, its drivers and passengers. Also, the company tells its drivers to ensure the hygiene of their cars before and after the trip. One cannot take the risk as cabs are a frequent sport where the virus can spread from one passenger to the next upcoming passenger.

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Other Services By Uber


Considering the current situation, Uber is also delivering essential supplies to households. Moreover, the company has deployed its drivers to do the same. From the healthcare point of view, Uber provides face masks and sanitizers to its drivers to ensure their health above all.

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