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Still, is that she sure has a bold, gregarious personality, If there is anything to note about the gorgeous Tyra Banks.

While this clearly helped her kick off her incredibly successful modeling career in the 1990s, which intermingled into her iconic trials as a TV show host for” America’s Top Model” and her own talk show, she has surely had her own adventures in her particular life as well.

 Since the early 1990s, Banks has been romantically linked with a list of men fromA-list stars to lower known, yet still successful names in the entertainment assiduity, all while being in the public eye. And although she noway married, she ate a son, York Banks Asla, via surrogate in 2016( via Elle).

Banks has been open about her once connections, participating how they shaped her and made her strong. But the megastar has also been suitable to keep her connections substantially on the down low, meaning there’s still a lot of riddle girding her love life. But keep reading if you want to know what we know so far.

tyra banks dating

Tyra Banks Has Dated the Likes of Will Smith and Seal

 When it comes to her earlier given connections, the former Victoria’s Secret Angel was romantically linked to music videotape director Hype Williams( via Ranker). Williams is known for his work on iconic hipsterism hop vids similar as TLC’s” No Scrubs” and Kanye West’s” Gold Digger“( via Billboard). Little is known about the nature of their relationship, but they’ve been mugged together multiple times.

 One of Tyra Banks’ most notorious connections was with the one and only Will Smith. They both starred on the sitcom” The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” were Banks played Smith’sex-girlfriend, Jackie, during Season 4. The couple lasted for about a time from 1993 to 1994, and although the two noway got serious, they claim that they’re still good musketeers.

 From 1993 to 1996, Banks was in a relationship with” Boyz n the Hood” director John Singleton. He directed her film debut,” Advanced literacy,” where she played Deja, the gal of one of the main characters.

According to CheatSheet, the two were madly in love during their relationship. When Singleton failed from complications of a stroke in 2019, Banks paid homage to him on her social media.

 Another major star Banks has dated is the songster- tunesmith Seal, who has spawned successes similar as” Crazy” and” Kiss From a Rose.” The two were a fling for reportedly nine months, and they were mugged together only formerly at the 1996 substance Awards.

Tyra Banks Has Been Linked to Athletes, Shutterbugs, and Businessmen Likewise

 One of the most poignant connections in Tyra Banks’ life was with NBA player Chris Webber. The two dated from 2002 until 2004, and were supposedly veritably serious, indeed agitating marriage and children, according to CheatSheet. After their break up, Banks suggested at possible infidelity on Webber’s part on” The Tyra Banks Show.”

For one of her longest connections, Banks was serious with Wall Street businessman John Utendahl from 2007 to 2011. She spoke about their relationship on” The Wendy Williams Show,” and expressed their desire to have children, while not believing marriage was necessary. The reason for their split is unknown.

tyra banks dating

 Banks’ dream to be a mama came true with Norwegian shooter Erik Asla. The two started dating in 2013, and their son was born in 2016. Although they resolve the coming time, according to People, the two still get on and work together professionally.

As far as Banks’ most recent rendezvous, she has reportedly been an item with entrepreneur Louis Bélanger- Martin since 2019. According to Elle, the two have been living together, although Banks has been denying rumors that they’re engaged.

Bélanger- Martin Is a Colonist of the Inflight Entertainment Assiduity.

 You can thank Bélanger- Martin for being suitable to play The Sims on aeroplanes . After entering an undergraduate degree at the University of Quebec, Belanger- Martin went on to set up the private equity fund Groupe W,Inc. and DTI Software,Inc., the largest provider of interactive games in the in- flight entertainment assiduity.

 According to his LinkedIn, Bélanger- Martin has considerable experience in the flight and hospitality diligence, holding high- powered places in major associations. He served as CEO of Advanced Inflight Alliance AG( AIA) from 2011 to 2013, and Vice Chairman of Global Eagle’s Board of Directors, an association about — you guessed it! — icing internet connectivity on aeroplanes, as well as on the boards of other companies.

Tyra and Louis Are Both Harvardgrads.

Before they began dating, Banks and Bélanger- Martin walked the same Ivy League lot in Cambridge, MA. Banks and Bélanger- Martin both shared in Harvard Business School’s program geared toward directors – and in close race.

 In 2012, Banks completed the nine- week” proprietor/ President Management” course, which costs$,000 moment( and$,000 when Banks shared, per Boston Magazine). A time latterly, per his LinkedIn, Bélanger- Martin shared in a four- day course called” Making Commercial Boards More Effective.

Costs$, 250 — A Steal, in Comparison.

 Celebrities like Katie Holmes, Karlie Kloss, Channing Tatum, and LL Cool J have also taken Harvard Business School’s administrative courses, per request Watch. Banks liked the course so much that she returned for a” refresh” in 2019 to foster the design for ModelLand, her planned fashion- themed interactive experience.

 Banks and Bélanger- Martin are both parents.

 In addition to relating over their participated business wit, Banks and Bélanger- Martin have parenting in common. Banks’s son with Erik Asla, York Banks Asla, was born in 2016 via surrogate. moment, Banks says her son speaks Spanish, English, and Norwegian.

tyra banks dating

 According to runner Six, Belanger– Martin has a 12- time-old son with hisex-wife, Valérie Martin Scraire.

 This is Tyra Banks’s first public relationship since dating Erik Asla for three times.

Banks’s last public relationship was with Norwegian shooter Erik Asla. They were linked from 2013 to 2017, per People, and had a son together in 2016.

Banks and Aslaco-Parent Their Son, York. The Four- Time-Old Is a Frequent Guest on Asla’s Instagram Runner.

Banks reportedly is living with Bélanger- Martin in Quebec.

 As of November 2019, Banks and Bélanger- Martin were reportedly participating a home in Magog, a megacity in the Quebec fiefdom of Canada, Page Six reported. still, since Dancing With the Stars flicks in Los Angeles, they may be piecemeal at the moment. Or, were noway living together at all since you have to take these reports with a grain of swab.

tyra banks dating


 Tyra Banks returned to TV in 2020, taking the arm as the new host of Dancing With the Stars. But this is far from her first time in the limelight, as she’s had a career gauging further than two decades that includes modeling, acting and indeed music.

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