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Types of Proxy Servers

Proxy servers have been gaining more acceptance and popularity over the past years. It is a very helpful tool since they communicate with the website server on behalf of the user. In a normal connection, when users visit any web page, they are directly getting in contact and sharing data with the website server, specifically their IP address. However, when a proxy server is used, it makes requests on behalf of the individuals who initiated the process. Thus, it acts as an intermediary between users and the website server.

Proxies are powerful tools that are characterized by their dynamism, flexibility, and diversity. Using a proxy server could be a highly beneficial decision as it helps and improves privacy, performance, and security. Additionally, it also allows users to have greater management and control of the footprint they leave on the internet.

Different types

One of the most appealing and outstanding characteristics of this technology is that it has more than ten different types of proxy servers. This allows users to choose the type that better fits their needs and preferences. These types are divided into different categories: in terms of the origin of the IP address, according to the level of anonymity, based on the protocol, depending on the duration, and the modification of the data. Because proxies are extremely varied, it is advisable for users to know the basic types of proxy servers and how they differ, so that they can make the most suitable decision and get the most out of this tool.

According to the IP origin

In terms of their anonymity level

Based on the protocol

Depending on the proxy duration

Based on data modification

Seek for more than a proxy service

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