Tyler Perrys a Fall From Grace Seen by 25m Viewers in Its Debut Week in Netflix!


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In the first week after its January 17 release on Netflix, Tyler Perry’s thriller A Fall from Grace was viewed by 26 million users. The writer-director-producer announced on Monday via social media, and Netflix later verified the figure. a

A Fall From Grace stars Crystal Fox, Mehcad Brooks, Phylicia Rashad, Bresha Webb, Cicely Tyson, and Katy Perry, and centers on a divorced woman (Fox) who has been down since her ex-infidelity husband but finds new love to be a source of renewal. Grace’s vulnerability turns angry as her fleeting joy is undermined by secrets.

The film’s production was revealed in November, and Perry wrote and directed it.

Perry, who refers to his fans as “the army,” posted a heartfelt video message of gratitude on Instagram.

He said, “I’m trying to take this all in.” “The Tyler Perry fan base, my support group. You’ll see that I’m never really alone, even when it seems like it at times.

I can’t believe what I just heard,” Perry exclaimed. In the first week after it was released on Netflix, 26 million people watched “A Fall From Grace.”

Perry said, “from the bottom of my heart,” thanking his audience.

Thank you. Feeling grateful. Very astonishing to me. He said, “I’m inspired, I’m encouraged.” You, folks, have always protected me. Many of the locals seem genuinely content while nevertheless putting in long hours at their jobs. I appreciate all of your help throughout the years. My gratitude overflows, and I want to express that.

A Netflix representative tells 11Alive that the methodology relies on the details provided in the company’s investor letter, which was made public around two weeks ago. The company is now reporting the households (accounts) that opted to watch a specific title, as explained in the enclosed letter.

Views are counted when a household watches for at least two minutes, which is regarded as an indication of a deliberate stream selection.

The representative told 11Alive that it’s unfair to compare the two movies since “the number that was issued for Irishman was based on an older form of measurement of a view, indicating that a household saw 70% or more of a title.”

Both positive and negative reactions were made to “A Fall From Grace” after its initial release. Actors Phylicia Rashad, Bresha Webb, Mehcad Brooks, and the legendary Cicely Tyson are featured in the film.

Grace Waters, played by Crystal Fox, is the leading role in the film. After discovering that her new romance won’t last, Waters goes through a tough patch in the film.

Tyler perrys a fall from grace seen by 25m viewers in its debut week in netflix

In A Fall From Grace, Crystal Fox plays Grace, a middle-aged woman who pleads guilty to the murder of her youthful husband (Mehcad Brooks of Supergirl) until her inexperienced lawyer Jasmine (Bresha Webb) investigates the case. As Jasmine questions her about her research, Grace gives Jasmine the full, mind-blowing backstory.

Since it came out, people have loved watching it so they can spot all the mistakes they can find. After all, it only took five days for there to be a Fall From Grace. A succession of ludicrous wigs are featured in the film, and an extra can be seen in the background of one scene opting and drinking air, which has since gone viral.

In addition, there has been an ongoing debate amongst viewers about whether or not Tyler Perry is exploiting women by including such themes as domestic violence and sexual assault in his films. The director recently dismissed these charges, saying he had seen his father assault his mother firsthand.
The Netflix library now includes Tyler Perry’s A Fall From Grace.

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