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Revisiting The Movie Two Hearts- Cast, Plot, Reviews And More!


David Mudd

Two Hearts: two couples belonging to different worlds are linked by a medical trauma! Well this is what the story of Two Hearts tells in one line. Maybe you got confused, right? Don’t worry, we will solve this for you. Keep reading this article till the end and explore everything that we have got for you!

“Two Hearts. Two Loves. Two Lives.” Let us take a look!

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About The Movie Two Hearts

Two Hearts is an American romantic drama that made its debut in the year 2020. The plot of the film is inspired from the true events of the lives of Leslie and Jorge Bacardi and Christopher Gregory. Following this, the narrative of the film simultaneously showcases two different love stories and the four people, who under unfortunate circumstances, come together for a good cause. But what actually happens is something that creates the whole mystery. Read on to know!

In other words, Two Hearts is a daffy and soft headed, and at the same time morbid piece of a romantic drama where two parallel love stories take on their journey and finally achieve whatever it takes to survive, for the price of one.  

Two Hearts is a romantic journey celebrating life, love, generosity and selflessness!

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Quick Info About Two Hearts

Director: Lance Hool

Genre: Romance, Drama

Screenplay: Veronica Hool, Robin U. Russin

Cinematography: Vincent De Paula

Producer: Lance Hool, Conrad Hool

Production Company: Silver Lions Films

Distributed By: Freestyle Releasing

Filming Locations: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Release Date:October 16, 2020

Running Time: 101 minutes

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Two Hearts Release Date

The film, Two Hearts was originally set to be released on the 11th of September, 2020 but suffered a backlash due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Later, it was pushed to 16th of October, 2020. In June 2020 Freestyle Releasing was given the distribution rights. 

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Two Hearts Trailer

Before we move further with this article, let us look at the trailer of Two Hearts for you. You can watch it below: 


Two Hearts Cast

Here is the cast list of Two Hearts for you:

  • Jacob Elordi stars as Christopher ‘Chris’ Gregory.
  • Tiera Skovbye stars as Samantha ‘Sam’ peters.
  • Adan Canto stars as Jorge Bacardi.
  • Radha Mitchell stars as Leslie Bolivar.
  • Tahmoh Penikett stars as Eric.
  • Jordan Burtchett stars as Colin.
  • Kari Matchett stars as Grace.
  • Anthony Konechny stars as John.
  • Steve Bacic stars as Don Joaquin Bolivar.
  • Ryan Jinn stars as Shep.
  • Eric Bempong stars as Brian.
  • Stefania Indelicato stars as the Nurse.

Two Hearts Plot Line

Two couples living in different places, who are totally unknown to each other, discover in the course of the story that they share a hidden connection which eventually brings them together in a way that none of them could predict. In the movie, the story is shown as narrated by one of the characters, Chris. 

While in one world, a college student named Chris falls in love with one of his classmates, in another world a Cuban exile, Jorge, falls in love with a beautiful flight attendant. On screen, their lives are contrasting as both men struggle with the expectations of their family. The story revolves around two romances and the surprising connection between the two men when they find themselves in a tragic medical situation. 

The story takes a heart-wrenching twist when Chris undergoes an unavoidable medical emergency which takes his life but he gradually ends up being an organ donor to Jorge, hence saving his life. There are of course noble intentions that the film portrays: celebrating the selflessness of organ donors and at the same time the rejuvenating power of family and love. 

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Is True Hearts Based On A True Story?

True Hearts is an inspiration from a true story. It happens that 19 year old Christopher Gregory who died from a brain aneurysm donates his organs to several people saving their lives. One of them seems to be Jorge Bacardi who has suffered from a lung disease since he was twelve years old. He was on the verge of losing his life, when he was given Chris’ lungs, which saved Jorge’s life. 

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Two Hearts Movie Review

Despite the presence of talented actors and a true story based script, Two Hearts was not very well received by the viewers. There are several reasons behind it. Let us take a look at them. 

The film wanted to portray Jorge and Chris as the romantic heroes, but their pickup lines ended up being more cringe than caress. The presence of strong talents was not successful making the film a success- their performances seemed very amateurish and the dialogues seemed shrinked. 

Critics say that there could be so much better in an organ donation film. The love boundaries, the mysterious connection between the two couples, the miraculous happenings, does not find the pulse required to be that of a movie. The film has generally unfavourable reviews. 

While the audience has mixed reviews about Two Hearts. On one hand they love some of the scenes, while on the other they think some of the scenes look like low-budget faith-based movies. Some part of the audience feels that two different stories are just stitched together to enhance this movie.  

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Final Words

With all of the above, we have come to an end of this article. That was all that we had to offer for the movie Two Hearts. Have you watched the movie yet? If yes then tell us your views. Even if you have not watched it, tell us if this article was helpful. In both cases, we would love to hear from you;-)