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Twitter: Twitter Will Remove Potentially Harmful, Unverified Claims About 5G And Coronavirus

Twitter will remove potentially harmful, unverified claims about 5G and the coronavirus outbreak. Furthermore, read ahead to know what are these false claims and allegations spreading on Twitter.

False Claims Surrounding The Coronavirus

The world currently faces the coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, people are practicing social distance. In such time, the users on social media platforms increase in millions. Similarly, Twitter saw a massive increase in its users as well.

However, the platform is open to everyone. As a result, hackers and all those people who sit behind black computers create chaos online. They post and make false claims over things. Furthermore, they try to persuade people to do something unethical.

Lately, it is seeing such people posting false claims regarding the coronavirus pandemic. They are trying to create chaos and social unrest amongst people. Moreover, at this time everyone needs to stay united.

However, people should not be misguided by false claims tweeted on this. Only the information published by the United Nations, the World Health Organisations, and the authorized bodies should be believed.

False Claims Surrounding 5G Technology

5G is the next big thing in the telecom industry. Moreover, all modern smartphones will support 5G. However, some people post false claims surrounding 5G on Twitter. Claims like 5G are being used to spread the virus are being spread on Twitter.

Furthermore, this affects the overall growth of the 5G infrastructure globally. Moreover, people need to be careful while reading such information. As most of the information is misleading.

Companies like Xiaomi, Oppo, Motorola, Huawei, and many more are working with Twitter to prevent such people from posting false claims about 5G. The Chinese market has been ahead in the 5G development, therefore they don’t want their 5G infrastructure to get affected by the false claims made on Twitter.

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Twitter Addresses The Issue

Twitter is trying the ensure that the false claims against the coronavirus outbreak and 5G come to a stop. Furthermore, the company is revisiting its security policies and trying to trace people posting false information about the coronavirus pandemic and 5G.

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