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Twitter: The Platform Bans All Tweets That Could Potentially Spread The Virus


David Mudd

The outbreak of coronavirus has led to a precautionary environment all around the world. The social and economic life around the globe has halted to prioritize safety. The pandemic has already affected 140 countries and people around the world are growing more concerned with each day that passes. In these times of difficulty, there is an added pressure on sites like twitter due to growing mischief in the web.

In these times, social media and the internet has to play a huge role. The people all around are heading towards the digital world to seek an alternative due to the restricted social life. Most companies are encouraging work from home through internet. However, the social media is mainly being used to spread awareness and news about the outbreak.


However, the internet has never been the safest place to rely on. That is even true in these fragile times as it can lead to devastating consequences.

The Spread Of Unreliable News

People have been using the internet to spread mischievous news regarding the outbreak. Twitter is one of the sites that has been filled with false advice and treatments for the disease which may further put people at risk.

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The Ban By Twitter

Twitter has decided to ban all tweets that may be of malicious nature. It is a positive step from the social media giant to further help the struggle against COVID-19.
Any wrong advice regarding the nature of the disease and its treatment will be banned immediately. This decision comes as a cautionary measure to ensure the site is not used against public safety.

Twitter has mentioned that some of its users are encouraging people to go against the guidelines from World Health Organization. One user advised people to drink bleach and claimed physical distancing is not effective. Some other tweets regarding unauthorized treatment have also been banned.

Effectiveness Still In Question


Twitter has jotted out detailed guidelines regarding the ban. However the monitoring process they are going to use is completely not in place. It is still uncertain whether the complete eradication of bogus news on the site will be possible.

Without any proven means of treatment available, putting a stop to such false news is necessary. Although Twitter has tried to take the necessary steps, but people trying to cause havoc will still be out there.

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