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Twitter Takes Away Blue Checkmark Verification, Sparks Debate on User Identity

The new change in the Musk-owned brand is here

While a blue tick beside our name or an authentication of any sort might seem a petty affair for the ones with desk jobs, for every digital creator out there, the significance of a blue tick is considerably huge. It’s as if their entire life will undergo a revolution once they achieve something of this sort.

And achieving this isn’t easy you see; you need to reach a particular number of subscribers or followers, promotions, fame and a lot more. What if one fine day you wake up to knowing Twitter has done away with this feature; that is to say, all the Twitter accounts will lose the long-known blue checkmark?

Will that bring happiness or an apocalypse into your life? Let’s see what the story has got to say.

Delving into the details

Amidst other changes that Twitter is undergoing ever since Musk took over, the newest announcement is the removal of the blue checkmark. As declared on 31st March, Musk is making alterations that will result in many Twitter accounts losing the check mark.

To get the badge, individual users must subscribe to Twitter's ‘Blue’ service, which costs $8 per month. Companies that are yet to receive a gold check mark on their account, will need to pay $1,000 each month in order to get one. This, thereby, removes any sort of distinction between the monthly subscribers and accounts earlier verified by Twitter and the non-subscribers.

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So, how will it affect the Twitter users?

This policy change will have an impact on what you see and read on the service for those of you who use Twitter primarily to follow celebrities and news sources. For instance, you might notice that the accounts you care about are less visible on your timeline because they have chosen not to subscribe to Twitter Blue.

It might also get more difficult for most users to distinguish between real people and fake ones. It might be challenging to discern real celebrities from impersonators if check marks are deleted from the accounts of famous people who refuse to purchase Blue.

According to Mr. Musk, the “For You” tab on Twitter, which displays the default stream of tweets based on your interests, will only display messages from paid accounts with blue checks. He subsequently said that the posts from non-verified accounts which you already follow, will be the lone exception, and that they would continue to appear in your timeline.

For example, if you follow lots of news about sports and a nonverified account tweets some sports-related news, you won’t see it in your timeline unless you already follow that account. In the past, you may have found that content purely because it went viral. While some browser extensions still allow users to distinguish between the two sorts of accounts, Twitter's search function currently allows users to filter legacy verified and paid verified accounts.

The fact that Mr. Musk is not renowned for consistently carrying out his stated plans is a warning against these probable adjustments. However, as Twitter implements the check-mark policy, some of it may alter.

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Will subscription for the check marks start?

It all relies on whether the account holder believes that having a blue check mark adds enough value to warrant paying for it.

Celebrities and organizations may decide not to pay because their posts will continue to be seen by their big followings.

According to Twitter, the verified badge will not be purchased for any of its institutional accounts. Nonetheless, some Twitter users may decide to purchase the checkmarks. These include a few small companies who use Twitter to sell their products and seek wider distribution for their material. Paying for verification in this situation will effectively be a marketing expense.

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Why hasn’t this been implemented yet?

It's unclear why Twitter hasn't done this yet, but according to the Washington Post, the platform doesn't have an automated way to deactivate all historical verified accounts' badges because the verification process was once manual and dependent on an Excel-like database. Musk also stated in a tweet that was subsequently deleted on Sunday that Twitter was providing a “grace” time for users to join up for Twitter Blue. Musk issued a warning in the tweet, stating that users' check marks will be promptly erased if they refuse to pay for Twitter Blue.

Summing it up

The entire mechanism seems a bit convoluted and incomprehensible. Nonetheless, let’s see what Twitter finally does.

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