Twitch Recap 2021: How To Find Out the Update of What You’ve Done on Twitch?


Saloni Singh

Twitch is the most recent application to carry out a finish of year audit include, yet certain individuals can’t get to this one.

All through December, we have seen various sites doing yearly gatherings of client action. On the primary day of the month, Spotify Wrapped emerged and empowered you to share insights about your music taste with companions.

Presently, Reddit uncovered its most upvoted posts of the most recent a year, Google delivered investigation on its top patterns and Instagram appeared another Playback include. In the interim, Snapchat had a rough, yet unintentionally diverting, send off for its “Finish of Year” survey.

The most recent illustration of one of these gatherings is “Twitch Recap 2021″. As you would expect, this gives clients an outline of how they utilized the streaming stage over the course of the past year.

It contains information on things like which channels you observed most, assuming there were any acts out you were especially partial to using and by and large the way that long you spent watching communicates.

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Similarly as with Spotify Wrapped, there is likewise a different variant of the component for content makers, which permits them to get insights on their viewership figures and their center socioeconomics.

twitch recap 2021

Step by Step Instructions To See Your Twitch Recap 2021

Twitch Recap 2021 is presently live and accessing the element ought to be incredibly simple.

Dislike on Instagram or Spotify where you need to find a particular flag or follow a link in the application. Instead, you ought to simply get all of the information summed up for you in an email that goes directly to your inbox.

Why You Might Not Get a Twitch Recap 2021 Email

In principle, you should get an invite sent straightforwardly to the email address that is linked to your Twitch account. Nonetheless, a few clients are reporting that this has not occurred for them.

If so as far as you might be concerned, then, at that point, the primary thing you should do is twofold browse that the email has not consequently been recorded in your spam or garbage envelopes. This happens in some cases, as the Twitch Recap is in fact a limited time email.

Speaking of which, the other explanation that you probably won’t have accepted your gathering is that you have not marked the applicable box in your record settings.

Twitch characterizes its recap as a marketing email, and that implies that you want to have selected in to get this kind of correspondence from them. In the event that you haven’t done so as of now, then, at that point, it’s tragically past time to change this and get your 2021 recap.

twitch recap 2021

Nonetheless, you can guarantee that you don’t miss the following year’s by following these straightforward advances.

  • Log in to your Twitch account
  • Click on your profile symbol in the upper right-hand corner of the screen
  • Explore to “Settings”
  • Open the “Notifications” tab
  • Click on “By Email”
  • Look down right to the lower part of the rundown and switch on “Marketing”.

For clearness, we have given a slideshow of pictures that tell you the very best way to do all of this beneath.

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In the event that you didn’t get a Twitch Recap 2021 and had proactively selected in to get marketing emails (and you have really looked at that it’s definitely not in your spam organizer), then you should contact Twitch Support for additional counsel.

twitch recap 2021


For What Reason Am I Not Getting My 2021 Twitch Recap?

For what reason didn’t some Twitch decorations accept their recap? Various Twitch decorations have said that they haven’t gotten an email with their 2021 recap. The streaming stage said that the explanation for this is that all clients needed to empower their marketing notifications before the emails were conveyed.

Could I at Any Point Actually Get a Twitch Recap?

Twitch groups its recap as a marketing email, and that implies that you really want to have selected in to get this kind of correspondence from them.

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In the event that you haven’t done so as of now, then, at that point, it’s sadly past the time to change this and get your 2021 recap.

twitch recap 2021

Is There a Twitch Wrapped?

Twitch has declared a 2021 recap for decorations and watchers, very much as they did a year ago. This component, otherwise called “Twitch Wrapped,” permits clients to see a total synopsis of their action on Twitch throughout the year. This includes viewing propensities, commitment, and so forth.


It is that season where Twitch gives a total breakdown of viewing propensities and stage interactions for decorations and watchers the same. Also to what different stages like YouTube and Spotify offer, the Twitch Recap subtleties which decorations we observed habitually, the quantity of visit messages sent, Channel Points gave and that’s just the beginning.

Then again, it gives significant information like measurements on devotees, viewership, and other development indicators for decorations and content makers on the stage.

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