Twenty-Five and Twenty-One Season 2: Can We Expect Another Season? Ending Explained



The ending of Twenty-five and Twenty-one has taught the audience a lot of things. Fans were anxious to learn about every episode and the waiting for the successive release was just getting more intense until the series dropped its final episodes. Viewers were left with many emotions. Everyone wanted to see Baek Ye-jin and Na He-d getting back together. Since the writer has already made a happy ending for the other couples, why did they leave our favorite couple behind? The ending was brutal and that’s the reason why the audience kept waiting for Twenty-five and Twenty-one Season 2 to happen. 

This year is especially deserved for Korean dramas. We have already witnessed some of the meaning of the series that is making people surprised. Netflix is actively working to get every single show released on its platform. Twenty-five and Twenty-one are one of their popular shows that gets tremendous success over a short period. 

The series is definitely worth watching and makes people think about their first love and all the things that they went through growing up. While most the Korean-dramas are known for their romance and cute moments, Twenty-five and Twenty-one are extremely emotional, inspiring, and of course romantic. 

Centering around the life of Baek Ye-jin (Nam Joo-hyuk) and Na Hee-do (Kim Tae-ri), who met accidentally but fall in love with each other, the story describes the adult-youth life of these two. Anyone who has watched the show knows that the series is inspiring and touches the roots. 

Fans of the show are still wondering about the happy ending and want the two leads to reunite. In this article, we’ll be talking about everything we know about Twenty-five and Twenty-one Season 2.

Twenty-five and Twenty-one Ending explained!

Twenty-Five and Twenty-One Season 2 Cast

When we talk about Korean dramas, we know that they will go to leave a great impression on us. There is a saying among the viewers that Korean dramas are often two types, one that gives you therapy and the other that makes you need therapy. Well, to be honest, the series falls on both sides. 

Twenty-five and Twenty-one are one of those shows that will leave you crying happy tears during the initial episodes and will ask you to tear apart everything in the end. The series was ended on a hurtful note and fans are waiting for the showrunners to release a statement, Following the story of Baek Ye-jin (Nam Joo-hyuk) and Na Hee-do (Kim Tae-RI) who fall in love with earth other, The story shows their determination and hard work through the episodes and anyone who has watched the series would be seriously getting to inspired with it. 

In the ending, we finally can see Na He doo confessing his love to Baek ye-Join and though the series met with a lot of obstacles they bind together. As the show progressed, we see how their career is just coming in between their path and how it is making them suffer. 

What hurt the fans is to see these two getting a part despite having a mature relationship, many viewers complain about how the writer makes the other character’s ending so great and how the couples drifted apart. 

In the end, we saw the adult Na He-Do getting back his diary which she lost in her early days. She ran back to the same spot and relieved all of the memories that she had of her teenage years. 

Twenty-five and Twenty-one Season 2: Will there be Another Season?

Twenty-Five and Twenty-One Season 2 Fans are eagerly waiting for the officials to release the statement regarding the second installment, the series ended on an emotional note and the viewers can’t digest that the couples are not together. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the officials to make a final ending and leave the couple happily. 

Though the series has already left some of the points open, it gives the fans a sense that there might be a possibility for another season. 

Unfortunately, there are any updates regarding the second season. The officials have not yet responded to anything regarding the upcoming season, Though the series is already popular and everyone is wanting to know the official confirmation, it is still not clear whether the showrunners are working on the future or not. 

We have often seen that k-dramas don’t run for multiple seasons but does it mean the same for Twenty-five and Twenty-one series? It would be wrong to assume the future of the show until the officials make any statement. 

Twenty-five and Twenty-one Season 2 Release Date: When is it going to premiere?

Twenty-Five and Twenty-One Season 2 Release Date

If you are wondering about the release date of the series then sadly there is no premiere date for the show. The officials have not yet responded to anything regarding the second season. We are assuming that the series might release the second season since the show is already popular on Netflix

Twenty-five and Twenty-one Season 2 is not yet confirmed nor canceled for another season. We are already looking at the details about the show and will get back to you once we find any important updates. 

Twenty-five and Twenty-one Season 2 Cast: Who will be back in it?

Twenty-Five and Twenty-One Season 2 Cast

There is no doubt that the cast has already given an excellent performance in the series. If there will be another season, it would follow the main cast of the show. 

If there will be second seasons of the k-drama, we are surely going to get Nam Joo-hyuk as Baek Ye-jin and Kim Tae-Ri as Na Hee-do. Since the show mostly follows their young ages, it is likely for the drama to move forward with the story. However, the story is most likely to follow their current situation, where Na He-do is already grown up and has a daughter. 

Kim So-Hyun has appeared as adult Na Hee-do and in the second season, we might see some new faces. Since the showrunner has changed the main lead in the series, we are likely to get some new faces for Baek Ye-Jin. Other than that, all the other supporting characters including Bona as Ko Yu-rim/Julia Ko, Choi Hyun-Wook as Moon Ji-Woon, Lee Joo-Myung as Ji Seung-Hwa, Seo Jae-hee as Shin Jae-Kyung Baek Seok-Hwang as Na Seong-jin and Choi Myung-bin as Kim Min-Chae

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How do Fans react to the ending?

The series was quite confusing. While many people were already crying over the fact that the couples didn’t rewrite, many people are hoping the showrunners will develop[ another season and tell the story of these two afterward. The show has defiantly left some open threads that can be used in the upcoming season. 

Final Words

Twenty-five and Twenty-one seasons are the most recent K-Drama that has already been viral around the world, The show has been the top-rated series in the history of K-drama. With its super emotional storyline, the show marks an amazing response from the audience. Despite all these things, fans were left speechless when the show ended tragically. Still, the show leaves behind a lot of clues that are possible for the development of the second season. Will there be another part? Everyone is hoping to see the main lead together again but there is no official updates.

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