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Twenty-five and Twenty-one Season 2 Trailer Revealed: Everything You Need To Know

twenty-five and twenty-one Season 2

Have you watched the Twenty-five and Twenty-one Season 2 Trailer? If you are a fan of Korean series and have already watched tons of shows then there is no chance you missed Twenty-five and Twenty-one. Netflix has been working on their collection of Korean series and Twenty-five and Twenty-one was something that has been on their top list, the show is one of the popular Korean dramas of all time and has already broken the record of the pre-existing shows.

The series is emotional, heartwarming, and leaves a lot of wounds on the hearts of the people for their lifetime. It teaches the meaning of friendship, relationship, and career in one’s life and features the most important period of one’s life. 

I know that teenagers are mostly attached to their school and college life. It is one of the periods where they experienced every adventurous thing. They go through heartbreak, see their career, focus on their life and what not. Twenty-five and Twenty-one is a series that will make you experience all these things, it will be a nostalgic experience for the people who’ve already passed the time and a mirror for the people who are going through the same period. The series will inspire you to pursue your dream, ask you to work hard and accomplish things. 

Well, it is no wonder that the show has already been released and became one of the most popular shows for the people. However, the series has surely left some unexpected things for the people. It leaves certain questions regarding the main cast, their story, and their relationship. In this article, we’ll be going to read everything about the series in detail. If you are one of those people who are waiting for the show to continue then here are some exciting details for you. Continue reading the article and find some exciting things. 

Twenty-five and Twenty-one Season 2 Trailer Revealed: What is it?

If you are a fan of those series then there is no doubt you are wishing for the second season of the show. The ending of Twenty-five and Twenty-one was somewhat unfinished and incomplete. It seems that there is something that the story needs to portray. Well, we don’t know what exactly happened after Na Hee-do and Baek- Hijin got separated. The heartbreaking breakup hits the soul of the audience but they want to know what exactly happens after that. Time has already passed but we don’t know who Na Hee-do is. And will Na Hee-do visit Baek-Hijin again? Well, the feelings are still mutual and they still love each other. After watching the ending scene, we already realized that Na Hee-do still has feelings for him. 

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Fans of the drama series are still hoping that Na Hee-do and Baek-Hijin got together in the end. There has been a demand for the second season of the show. One of the interesting things that happens on the internet is the trailer revealed. A video circulated on the internet which features the after story of these two characters. Surprisingly, the video has gained 1.28 million views over a short time. Fans initially thought that it is the real official video until they saw “Fanmade ” entitled on it. If you are one of those people who have not watched the trailer then here it is.

Through the trailer, we can see how the fans have amazingly interpreted the story and shows everything which looks so surreal. The caption of the video reads, “Kim Minchae’s father will be revealed in Twenty Five Twenty One Season 2. While Minchae is 19 years old, Na Heedo finds her third dairy. Baek Yijin falls in love with someone and Na Heedo has a problem with her husband. Minchae read her mother’s diary and found the story of her mother and father first met. Will the diary help the relationship between Kim Minchae’s parents?”

So after watching the trailer, is there any chance for the series to happen in the future. If you are excited to know then continue reading the article.

Will there be Twenty-five and Twenty-one Season 2?

Everyone is hoping to see the story of Na Hee-do and Baek- Hijin. There is no doubt that these two are some of the most loved characters in Korean dramas. With their story being ended on a tragic note and we see how their love gets destroyed because of miscommunication, there is a lot to say. 

The officials have not yet started anything regarding the series. There is no information whether the series will be back in the future or not. Neither Netflix nor the channel has started anything specific. With the fan made trailer being launched, we hope the officials get some idea about the number of people hoping to see the second season. 

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There is a possibility for the series to happen but as of now, there is nothing revealed, we are hoping the story of Na Hee-do and Baek- Hijin get a happy ending.

How Fans react to the news?

After the release of the official trailer, there was a lot of excitement and questions among the fans. Definitely, they were hoping to see the real trailer from Netflix itself but there is nothing for them to watch. Most importantly, Netflix has not yet stated whether there will be another season of the series to look for or not.

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One person wrote, “I only want a Season 2 that puts Hee do and Yi jin back together and not in a ridiculous love triangle. They would never do anything like that. Don’t make their precious love for each other forbidden or tainted. The heartbreak has happened. It’s time for healing. Writers, you wrote us into this massive, traumatic train wreck of love gone wrong, , now get us back to the station safely on a love train.”

While another says, “Honestly, the pain and tears this series has brought me, I needed to watch another drama straight after to cover the emotional tears this one brought me. A very well laid out and detailed span of a friendship turning into a romantic one. Not many series convey this well but credit to the director/writer. Although the ending was disappointing , it made sense from their pov. If you truly love someone, you wouldn’t stand in the way of their happiness and let it affect your growth as well. A few unanswered questions like who is her husband, and why doesn’t she remember yujin. If we knew the ending was going to be sour/abrupt/and unanswered. I would’ve preferred the series to either have a love triangle which forms to be a friendship, or either stick hee do and yujin to just have that sibling kind of love for the whole series just to avoid viewers having emotional pain like myself lol. Unlikely there’s a s2, would watch again but need time to heal…”

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