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Tuxedo Book BA15: Is This The Best Linux Laptop?


David Mudd

Many developers and programmers including hackers prefer a Linux operating system. Some common users also love the Linux UI for daily use. Although, you can ditch a Windows OS together with a Linux OS in one device is another advantage. So, you don’t have to use two devices for each operating system. Beyond all, who doesn’t need a Linux laptop with an AMD Ryzen processor.

This is a wish every gadget lover has. And it is coming true from the effort of a German PC maker. The Tuxedo Book BA15 is claimed as the world’s first Linux pre-installed laptop with an AMD chip.

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TUXEDO Book BA15: Первый в своем роде AMD-ноутбук с ОС Linux ...

More Details On Tuxedo Book BA15

You can install Linux on a laptop if you wish for it. But a laptop with pre-installed Linux OS with an AMD processor is something else. It makes it easy by avoiding the need for installing the Linux yourself. Besides, all those laptops run with intel onboard processors.

However, the single-channel memory used in it is noted as a drawback. Experts say that it will hamper the performance of the graphics on the Ryzen chip used in the device. After all, don’t get too excited with the name AMD Ryzen. The chip used is AMD Ryzen 5 3500U.

That means it is not coming with the latest Ryzen 4000 models that show extreme level performance in new laptops. This one is a must-go if you are able to accept these flaws. Moreover, the device is powered with a 91Wh battery claiming a life of up to 13 hours.

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