Lights, Camera, Tulsa: A Look at the Key Filming Locations of Tulsa King!


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In search of a fresh program to binge? You’re in luck since Sylvester Stallone plays his ideal crime boss in Taylor Sheridan’s much awaited Paramount+ series “Tulsa King,” which has a distinctive setting in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Sylvester Stallone plays Dwight “The General” Manfredi, a New York mafia capo who was recently freed from jail after completing a 25-year sentence, bringing yet another taste of Hollywood to T-Town. He is forced to establish roots in a location that is entirely foreign to him after being banished by his previous boss, along with some odd personalities.

Will he be able to establish an empire with a fresh crew and navigate this fictionalized version of Tulsa? Such is the anticipation for “Tulsa King.”

Where was the movie “Tulsa King” shot? Given that Tulsa is one of the “Best 5 Small Cities to Live and Work as a Moviemaker,” it is not surprise that Stallone and his crew shot several scenes on location here in the city. See where the “Tulsa King” was filmed, and don’t forget to strike the perfect Sly posture for any selfies.


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In the heart of Tulsa, on South Boston Avenue

One of Tulsa’s most picturesque avenues, South Boston Avenue in the Deco District is the ideal location for a mafia showdown.

South Boston Avenue in downtown Tulsa was not specifically mentioned as a filming location for the Paramount+ series ‘Tulsa King’ in any of the available reports or social media posts. However, it’s possible that some scenes were filmed in that area or that the street was used as a backdrop for some shots.

Downtown Tulsa, including South Boston Avenue, has a rich history and a unique architectural style that could make it an attractive location for film and TV productions. It’s possible that ‘Tulsa King’ may have filmed in other parts of the downtown area as well, in addition to the locations that have been confirmed.

Recreate the opening scene of ‘Tulsa King,’ which was shot in the middle of the street with the Art Deco Boston Avenue Methodist Church in the background. Then, eat at one of the neighborhood restaurants such as Elote, Roppongi, Local Bison, or Topeca Coffee.

Tulsa International Airport is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma

In the spirit of Tulsa, ‘Tulsa King’ filmed Manfredi’s arrival at Tulsa International Airport. TUL, located on the north side of town, offers nonstop flights to LaGuardia and Washington D.C., with security lines so short that you don’t have time to pull out your ID.

Filming Locations of 'Tulsa King

Just arriving or taking a flight out of town? Allow time to enjoy a burger and a local brew at Fat Guy’s Burger Bar. Driving by for a laugh? Take a photo with local artist Carmen Taylor’s “IMAGINE” mural. Then, visit nearby attractions such as the Tulsa Air and Space Museum, the Tulsa Zoo, or the James Beard Award-winning restaurant Evelyn’s.

The Universe’s Center

The Center of the Universe is another unusual filming location where you might have seen Sly Stallone and his crew. Tourists and locals alike are drawn to this intriguing stone circle in Tulsa’s Arts District.

If you sing or shout from the circle, the sound will be amplified. Some have even claimed that the center of the circle is deafeningly quiet. It’s an interesting place to visit while on Boston Avenue.

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The Mayo Hotel

Yes, as mentioned earlier, The Mayo Hotel in Tulsa, Oklahoma is one of the filming locations for the Paramount+ series ‘Tulsa King’. The hotel is a historic landmark in downtown Tulsa and has been featured in several other film and TV productions, including the movie ‘The Outsiders’ and the TV series ‘The Killing’.

It’s unclear how extensively the hotel was used for ‘Tulsa King’, but it’s possible that it served as a filming location for one or more of the show’s interior or exterior scenes. The Mayo Hotel’s grand lobby, elegant ballroom, and rooftop bar are some of its most distinctive features that could make it a desirable location for film and TV productions.

Filming Locations of 'Tulsa King

Triangle Coffee Roasters

Triangle Coffee Roasters, located in the Kendall Whittier neighborhood of Tulsa, was not mentioned as a filming location for the Paramount+ series ‘Tulsa King’ in any of the available reports or social media posts.

However, it’s possible that the coffee shop was used as a location for some scenes that were not publicly shared or that it served as a backdrop for some shots.

Film and TV productions often use local businesses as filming locations to add authenticity and character to their settings. Triangle Coffee Roasters, with its cozy interior and distinctive character, could be a great location for a coffee shop scene or as part of a larger street scene in the show.

Filming Locations of 'Tulsa King

Without further information, it’s difficult to say with certainty whether or not Triangle Coffee Roasters was used as a filming location for ‘Tulsa King’.

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What is Tulsa King series is about?

As previously mentioned, “Tulsa King” is a Paramount+ series created by Taylor Sheridan. The series stars Sylvester Stallone as a New York mafia capo named Dwight “The General” Manfredi, who relocates to Tulsa, Oklahoma after being released from prison.

The show follows Manfredi as he navigates his new environment and tries to build a criminal empire with the help of some unlikely allies.

The filming locations for “Tulsa King” included various spots in Tulsa, Oklahoma, such as the Mayo Hotel, Cain’s Ballroom, Downtown Tulsa streets and buildings, Tulsa International Airport, and Cherry Street. Other locations might have been used as well, but these are the ones that have been confirmed in various reports and social media posts.

The series was highly anticipated due to the involvement of Taylor Sheridan, who is known for his work on popular shows like “Yellowstone” and “Sicario”. “Tulsa King” premiered on March 4, 2022, exclusively on Paramount+.

What Are the Reviews for Tulsa King?

The show has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some praised the performances of the cast, particularly Sylvester Stallone’s portrayal of Dwight “The General” Manfredi. Others found the show’s plot to be formulaic and predictable.

Overall, “Tulsa King” has been praised for its unique setting and use of Tulsa as a backdrop, with many noting that the show shines a light on the city and its rich history. However, some viewers have criticized the show for its portrayal of the city’s residents and its use of stereotypes.

Despite the mixed reception, “Tulsa King” has attracted a dedicated fanbase and has been renewed for a second season by Paramount+.

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In conclusion, the Paramount+ series “Tulsa King” has brought Hollywood to Tulsa, Oklahoma, as the show was filmed on location throughout the city. The filming locations included iconic spots such as the Mayo Hotel, Cain’s Ballroom, Cherry Street, and various downtown Tulsa streets and buildings.

Although it’s uncertain whether Triangle Coffee Roasters was used as a filming location for the show, its cozy and distinctive interior could have easily been featured in the series. Other local businesses and landmarks were also showcased, highlighting the city’s rich history and unique character.

While “Tulsa King” has received mixed reviews for its plot and portrayal of characters, the show has shone a light on Tulsa and its vibrant community. The use of real-life filming locations has added authenticity and character to the series, and has allowed viewers to experience the city’s rich culture and history from the comfort of their own homes.

If you’re a fan of “Tulsa King” or interested in the filming locations used in the series, why not take a trip to Tulsa and explore the city yourself? You can visit the Mayo Hotel and other filming locations, take a stroll down Cherry Street, and experience the city’s rich history and culture firsthand.