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Trump’s War With Obama- A Strategy?


David Mudd

Trump’s risky new re-election strategy: Waging war with Obama

Word War

A war of words is raging between President Trump and former President Obama.

Obama’s comment ‘an absolute chaotic disaster’ on Trump’s handling of the virus has started a new war.

And Trump’s decision to revert back has put Obama’s presence more into the limelight now.

Former Vice president Joe Biden claims the Democratic Nomination for this fall’s presidential election.

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What Proceeds

Sadly enough, Trump is battling against a man who is any day more popular than himself.

Obama apparently left the White House with a 63 per cent job approval rating while Trump is lagging behind, somewhere in the 40s.
It is no surprise that Americans had rated Obama as their best president in a June 2018 poll.
Obama had landed 21 points ahead of Trump, or anyone else, for that matter. *shrugs*
Then comes Jimmy Carter. Both of them have given each other a pretty close competition.

Now Trump’s attacks are more or less, framing the coming elections as a war between himself and Obama.

This is a stark contrast that are very much welcomed by the Democrats as Obama campaigns for Biden.

Nationally, Obama is more famous than Trump. And the reason Trump won in 2016 was because of those voters of Obama who decided to stay back home.

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Expert Comments

Nope, it’s not me saying. The comment came from Obama’s top adviser, Dan Pfeiffer.

He continued saying that Trump spends more time obsessing over Obama than actually doing something that would make him win against Joe Biden.

This, he does, because it’s a potent strategy to keep his supporters intact.

This way, his supporters will keep on the goodwill and vote for him, ignoring the fact that he has been absolutely unreliable during this time of the pandemic.

Unemployment and economy deprecation will be avoided when his followers will get immensely busy supporting his entire rivalry with Obama.

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