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Trump’s War Over China’s Move On Hong Kong


David Mudd

US To React Strongly If China Makes Move On Hong Kong: Donald Trump

China’s Plan

China has made up its mind to impose new national security in Hong Kong after it experienced 2019’s Democracy unrest.

This was reported by a Chinese official last night, and undeniably caught with it, President Trump’s attention.

President Donald Trump wasn’t late to proclaim that Washington would unquestionably react utterly strong.

This was against the attempt to gain absolute control over the former British Part.

The US State Department was seemingly quick to warn China.

They said that to maintain the territory’s special status in US law, China needs to keep up a high degree of autonomy and respect for human rights.

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Hong Kong’s Condition

HongKong, of course, holds a pretty high position as a world finance centre.

This action of China could very well spark protests among the people in Hong Kong.

A few violent processions were carried out last year and parts of the city were broken into turmoils.

He has reportedly not said anything specific regarding this entire issue but has assured people to be at ease.

A spokesman for China’s Congress has said that total details of this legislation would be given tonight, that is on the 22nd of May.

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What Proceeds For Hong Kong

Nonetheless, the ‘Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act’ was approved by Donald Trump last year.

This requires the State Department to assure annually that Hong Kong retains enough autonomy to be able to justify favourable US trading terms.

Trump said the US would react very strongly if China decides to go forward with its discrete plan of imposing security.

This came right after the Congress Spokesperson said that China was planning on exercising its constitutional power to safeguard national security.

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