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Trump’s Sanctioning of India-China Dispute


David Mudd

Donald Trump Says Ready To Mediate India-China’s “Now Raging Border Dispute”

Trump’s Indulgence

US President Donald Trump announced he’d very much like to mediate the dispute between India and China.

He called it a now ranging border dispute between the two countries.

The remark refers to a build-up along the Line of Actual Control by Indian and Chinese armies following a very recent dispute in Ladakh.

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Trump tweeted that they have informed both India and China that the US is ready and pretty willing to mediate their now raging border dispute.

His previous offers to mediate between India and Pakistan on the issue of Kashmir were pretty much rebuffed by New Delhi.

If anything, this had asserted that there is no indulgence or interference for any third party in bilateral issues.

A few areas the LAC in Ladakh and North Sikkim have seen a huge military build-up by the Indian as well as Chinese armies.
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This was regarding an apparent escalating tension of positions by the two nations.
It came into light after they were engaged in separate face-offs in Sikkim as well as Ladakh.
Nonetheless, Prime Minister Modi had hosted a high-level meeting on Tuesday evening to discuss the situation with China.

Satellite pictures have shown that Beijing is expanding an airbase near Ladakh.

Close shots of it have revealed that a fighter jet is on the tarmac.

India even complained that the Chinese army had been interfering even normal patrolling by its troops.

Officials have utterly strongly refuted Beijing’s claims.

They had claimed that tension is triggered by Indian forces trespassing on the Chinese side.