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Trump’s Nuclear Deal With Iran


David Mudd

Trump administration to end Iran deal waivers in a blow to Obama-era pact

Trump’s Remarks

President Trump’s administration is ending sanctions waivers that give allowance to Russia, China and European companies.

This is in regards to working at sensitive Iranian nuclear sites, following an internal battle between Iran hawks and a more complex group of hard-liners.

All of this inside the US government and was remarked by the US Officials and documents.

After dumping the nuclear deal, Trump has no strategy for Iran

What’s Led To This

Experts report that President Trump withdrew from the 2015 Iran Nuclear deal and reduced Theran’s incentive to enrich Uranium at higher levels.

Even Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo is exerting more pressure on Tehran than ever before.

Pompeo will apparently end the sanctions waiver covering JCPOA-related nuclear projects in Iran.

Then the Trump administration will pretty much extend a whole new separate waiver.

That will cover international support to the Bushehr nuclear power plant.

This is an offer to proceed the Iran deal for 90 days to help ensure the safety of operations at the plant.

Although it remains unclear as to whether or not the Russian and Chinese companies will cease their involvement in the projects that will come up after this decision.

Will Iran further level up their program is also a question of concern.

Well, under the deal, which Trump apparently withdrew from Iran in 2018, Iran is prohibited from producing 20 per cent enriched uranium for 15 years.

But the deal guarantees that Iran will be able to import the 20 per cent enriched uranium required for the operation of the Tehran Research Reactor.

Iran nuclear deal: Donald Trump 'decertifies' 2015 pact | Iran ...


The nuclear deal apparently also involves modifications to the Arak reactor.

This is needed in order to block Iran’s pathway to nuclear weapons using plutonium.

Companies involved in this modification effort will technically not be protected by the sanctions waiver anymore.

Iran could react to this by saying that they will restart construction on the old design.
This would be pretty much to the interests of former State Department official of the US, who had worked on this deal.