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Trump’s Handling Of Coronavirus Vs Obama’s Handling Of Swine Flu

Trump said Obama administration was handling early days of Swine Flu outbreak ‘fine,’ cautioned not to overreact

Trump’s Comment Through The Years

Back in 2009, Trump had said that the Obama administration was handling the initial days of the H1N1 quite fine.

He had warned people against an apparent overreaction to the new virus, that seemingly left everyone shook.

He had remarked this on an appearance in Fox News. Although, they remain to be in stark contrast.

His recent condemnation of Obama seems to be overlapping his April 2009 statement.

Obama declares swine flu a national emergency - The Hindu

His Attack On Obama

He has been attacking Obama and his government for its pandemic preparation and response to Swine Flu.

In a tweet back in March this year, he had said that their response back then in H1N1 Swine Flu was a full-scale disaster.

But then again, back in 2009, the then-businessman Donald Trump had said that it was just as fine.

He had gone on to say that it was only the flu and that humankind has had touches of flu and epidemics before.

He had said that the touches of flu come and go. And although it is a wreck, it will go with time.
He added that maybe this flu would be worse than ever before. But he thinks it’s being handled fine.
Nonetheless, he had mentioned the entire border closing thing every subtly.
He had said that if they’re letting people come to their country from Mexico, then it’s going to get more dangerous.
Because countries like that have bigger doses of the flu.
So if they come over to the US and aren’t stopped, then the calamity would worsen.
Trump fires back at Obama, criticizes handling of swine flu

What’s To Come

These comments seem to be so familiar, given, he has gone out to say the same things now that he is the president.
But now that he has been accused of not being able to stand out as an able leader, he has started to criticize Obama.
He frequently points out Obama’s lack of governance during the H1N1 Swine Flu epidemic.
He even attacks former Vice President Joe Biden and his pretentious 2020 presidential election strategies.
The President had gone out to say that Trump’s handling of the Swine Flue was a full-scale disaster and thousands had died.
Trump continued saying that nothing purposeful was done to stop the spread.
Only an assurance was given that it will be alright soon so people shouldn’t overreact.

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