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Trump’s Face Twisted In Rage Beacuse Of Obama


David Mudd

What is ‘Obamagate’ and why is Trump so worked up about it?


The Entire Obama Story

Former US President Barack Obama, who is otherwise pretty laid back, expressed his dissatisfaction with the Trump administration.

If you’ve been up to date with this entire situation regarding Michael Flynn’s perpetual case, you know what i’m going to talk about.

And if you don’t, let me enlighten you with the whole scenario.

So Donald Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn was arrested in 2017 for having lied to the FBI regarding the Russian ambassador issue.

Recently, charges against him were dropped off, unsolicited as it is, Barack Obama was quick to take note of it.

He called this scenario, an absolute chaotic disaster and we think he couldn’t be more correct.

Obama: Trump's COVID-19 Response Is a 'Chaotic Disaster' | Time

Trump’s Response

Then there was Trump, who of course couldn’t hold back and just HAD to cover up his nuisance.

Now if you’re thorough with the whole scandal of Watergate connected with President Richard Nixon, you’d know what the term ‘OBAMAGATE’ hints at.

It’s no surprise how Trump had tried to demean the former President, calling him an immigrant who wasn’t even born in America.

He posted a series of tweets, wherein He accused Obama to have been the first former President who ever spoke against his successor.

He went on to say that this was against the ancient tradition of decorum and decency and Obama has been too ill bred and crossed it.

Barack Obama calls Donald Trump's coronavirus pandemic response ...

The Past Story

Trump, for instance, had even begun his entire presidential career by demeaning Obama.

He started off saying Obama wasn’t born in the US and thus shouldn’t be allowed to even partake in the presidential election.

Not only this, he went so far so as to subside the Iran Nuclear deal and debauched the Paris climate accords.

Things seem to have been heating up pretty badly. Let’s just hope the best emerges out in the November elections and I’m sure we all know who the best is! Or do we?

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