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Trump’s Duality


David Mudd

Trump commemorates Memorial Day, defends decision to play golf

President Trump

President Donald Trump paid tribute to the martyrs, the fallen soldiers of the American Military, on Monday.

It marked the Memorial Day, but he was quick to enact on his immaturity and defended his decision of having spent most of the holiday weekend playing golf.

While hundreds of thousands of Americans are dying each day, the fact that the President even has a state of mind so jolly that he’d play golf, honestly baffles me.

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What’s To Come

He covered it up saying he wanted to go outside and merely get some exercise.

He added that this fake and corrupt news make it sound like he has corrupted some mortal crime.

Before he became the President in 2016, he has been regular in condemning the former President Barack Obama.

This was in regard to playing golf even during the Ebola outbreak in 2014.

The US so far has been the leading country to have the most number of patients.

It has had a grossing 1.6 million cases and over 90,000 deaths. John Hopkins University predicts, by June 1st, the US will exceed the 1 lakh counting.

Trump is a Republican who is running for re-election in the November presidential election.

Nonetheless, he has been trying his best to soothe matters and contain the pandemic by fall so that his chances of winning shines bright.

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He has also shifted his travel schedules int he recent weeks. For instance, he visited Arlington National Cemetry for a ceremony at the tomb of an unknown soldier.
Expected as it was, Mike pence, his subordinates and Trump himself, did not bother to wear masks during the entire ceremony.
I cannot put my finger on the fact as to why he has been pretty reluctant to wear a mask through the entire pandemic.
In a recent speech, he had talked about how the nation and the entire world have engaged in a new battle against an invisible enemy.
Trump has been urging all state governments to kickstart their economies by opening the lockdown.
This trial to get back to normalcy is pretty disastrous, given, the US has already been suffering so poorly.
On Friday, he stated to the governors that places of worship should be opened over the weekend.
This wasn’t just it, he threatened them that if they do not listen to his dictates, he’d use some invisible force to destroy them. Ouch.