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Trump’s Direct Threat To Xi Jinping Of China


David Mudd

Trump launches direct attack on China’s Xi Jinping as fight over virus gets ugly

Trump’s Rule

I’m sure you already know that there’s brewing rivalry between the US and China over Coronavirus.

The US has time and again blamed China for being incompetent and not warning the world of a the horrendous effect of the virus.

Nonetheless, China has always denied claims of them knowing anything beforehand and that they’re as brutally affected as anyone else.

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Joe’s Return?

Now Trump has launched his entire agenda against the Chinese people.

He even went so far so as to suggest that Chinese leader Xi Jinping is the one at fault.

His exact statement was that he is the man behind a disinformation and propaganda attack on the US and Europe as a whole.

He tweeted this along with a few other tweets wherein he attacked China.

He said that China was perpetually desperate to have former Vice President Biden win the presidential election.

The Democratic nominee, Joe Biden is fighting against Trump in the coming November elections.

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What Proceeds

It’s no surprise how often Trump condemns China’s inability to contain the virus and having the entire world come to shackles.

China’s foreign ministry has nevertheless reverted with similar charges.

They were reported, saying that Trump was only looking out to make people believe in superstitions.

They added that he wanted to distract people from his own inabilities as a leader.

Trump has since then tried to paint China as the extreme villain as the economy purges to its lowest.

He even said that China was only looking out to worsen his chances of being re-elected as the President in the coming elections.

China and the US are the world’s largest economies, which are now having more disputes than ever before.

Earlier, it was shut down with the news of a possible trade deal, ‘phase one’ which was signed in January.

Now looking at the mess China has created, Trump has gone public with his thoughts.

He has spoken about how he has made up his mind not to do this trade deal with China anymore.

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