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Trump’s Conspiracy Theories


David Mudd

Mika Brzezinski: TV host blasts ‘sick’ Trump’s conspiracy theory

Trump’s Theories

Trump has again hurt sentiments(supposedly) in a series of tweets. These tweets related MSNBC anchor Joe Scarborough to the death of an aide 20 years ago.

This was more or less a conspiracy theory. Or So the police concluded being.

To this, anchor Mika Brzezinski said Donald Trump was a sick person, on-air, defending her husband.

Nevertheless, she at once demanded Twitter to take down the hurtful and ridiculous tweets of President Trump.

She went on to say that he has started to accuse her husband falsely, all over again.

The President of the United States traffics in conspiracy theories ...

Joe And Trump’s Rivalry

This was said on air during the Morning Joe show on the channel MSNBC.

She questioned the President about how could he subject the family to a congressional aide.

Authorities had declared that he had died of natural causes in 2001 itself, so why was all the drama being taken upon again? And that too, falsely?

She said President Trump was a sick, cruel and disgusting person. Ouch.

She added that his tweets were just a plot in order to distract his supporters and followers from the wreck he has caused during the pandemic.

She said he’s apparently trying to get his revenge on Joe for Joe speaks the truth about Trump’s lack of potential to handle the human catastrophe.

Undeniably, the US is leading the world’s coronavirus cases with a massive 1.5 million reported cases and more than 90k deaths.

Why Donald Trump's conspiracy theories are strangely popular ...

His Conspiracy Hypothesis

And no, it isn’t the first time the President has had bad blood with this couple.

Even in 2017, just one year after his term as the President, he referred to Ms Brzezinski as a low IQ crazy Mika.

He even claimed that she was bleeding poorly because of a face-lift once he saw her near his Florida home.

These comments were a little too derogatory. Or were they?

Well, this entire blame-game is just a conspiracy theory like many others that Trump apparently believes.

Not to forget, he was the most ardent supporter of the absolutely nonsensical ‘Birhter’ theory.

The theory said that Barack Obama was actually born in Kenya and hence wasn’t eligible for being the President.

Then again, he had once suggested that the noise from windmills causes cancer.

And the fresh one being that Hydroxychloroquine treats Coronavirus. *shrugs*

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