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Trump’s Ban On H-1B Visas


David Mudd

Trump govt working to temporarily ban H-1B, other work visas

The H-1B Visa Ban

So apparently The United States of America is pretty much working on banning certain work-based visas, like H-1B.

This also includes student visas and work visas as well. All of this, amidst the heart-wrenching pandemic that has come to dawn upon us.

Banning of essential visas while the country is soaring high on the unemployment and joblessness chart, is pretty devastating in itself.

Coming back to H-1B, it’s technically a non-resident visa which allows the companies in the US to hire workers from India or any other country, per se.

Trump administration working on temporary ban on H-1B, other visas ...


But there’s a catch. The job requires absolute specialisation in technical expertise.

And as per reports, around about 5 lakh workers from foreign lands are currently working in the US.

All of this comes at the time when news surfaced regarding how over 30 million Americans are struggling without a job now during the Coronavirus shutdown.

Nevertheless, the US economy has been facing major tension, leading to a negative growth of the country.

Imagine living in the most powerful country in the entire universe and still wondering how would you sustain a living after all of this ends. What a pity.

Temporary relief to Indians in US! Work ban on H-1B visa holders ...

What Comes Ahead

After Bush’s perpetual presidency before 1992, which had to a decrease of 7% in economy, comes 2020.

This year marked an unbelievable stoop-down with a 14% decrease. This is undeniably the highest, the US has ever gone down to.

Apparently the entire Trump administration has sealed borders, which they anyway were going to, given, he keeps talking about building the ‘wall’.

Visas of every journalist and IT Professionals from foreign countries are in the process of being banned and that’s major shot at people trying to make a living in this extremely tough situation.

Given, unemployment is surging at this insane rate, the local people are pretty decent about this entire circumstance for it will at least take away the country’s negative growth rate.

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