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Trump’s Ban On Brazil


David Mudd

Coronavirus world round-up: Brazil’s record fatalities as Donald Trump in a row over face mask 

Trump’s Decision

It’s no surprise that Brazil is booming in an utterly bad way, with a strenuous rise in the number of patients.

It recorded a number of confirmed cases in a 24 hour period and the digits are shocking as ever.

The toll passed the 20,000 peak point, and this was reported by the nation’s health ministry last night.

Just like New York is shredding amidst the wreck in the US, in Latin America, Brazil is the epicentre.

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Brazil Is A Wreck

Its highest one day toll rose to a number of 2000 patients and the overall death digits are now 20,000.

Brazil has more than 3 lakh cases and experts have said that there has been an incredibly lower number of testing.

This only points out to one thing, and that is, there are surely more people with symptoms who haven’t been tested yet.

Nevertheless, there has been a grave concern about the incredibly rising impact of coronavirus.

It has come to hit the poshest of places as well as the poorest areas in the entire world.

Ebola-era hospitals have always reopened in Guinea since coronavirus has been soaring high in the Western African state, which was till now alright.

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What Proceeds

Doctors everywhere are trying their mortal best to contain the virus.

And although there has been a huge ban on travel and nigh-time roam about, they are still worried if at all the virus will leave anytime soon.

Guinea’s weak healthcare system is now under pressure more than ever before.

Authorities and medical professionals have recorded around about 3000 cases up to date.

Over 5 million people have died worldwide because of this deadly disease.

The most number of cases have appeared from Italy, America, Russia, Brazil and India.

The WHO, last night, reported that a daily record of 1 lakh new cases were reported in a 24 hour period.