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Trump Way To His Hysterical Followers

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Trump Is Staking Out His Own Universe of ‘Alternative Facts’

His Mind Game

It’s INSANE how church-going Protestants have been utterly convinced of the gibberish that Trump has been appointed by God himself.

There was a legitimate poll held with the question of whether or not you think Trump was anointed by God to become the president of the US.

This unquestionably paranoid thought process that these people have, baffle me to my core.

This entire quasi-religious belief regarding Donald Trump and his intense loveliness that makes them unsee all the crude things he has been doing is downright surreal.

What Proceeds

This, nonetheless, is an incredibly powerful tool that could assist him in winning the coming presidential elections.

What’s more surprising is how this has increased to its double in a span of just 1 year.

This entire devotion has been exceedingly popular in helping the cause of Trump-Pence, among others.

And now that people are at home, the Internet is becoming a battlefield amidst the approaching elections.

The Trump administration is doing everything in its power to make the most out of this situation.

Brad Parscale, for example, has shared his inexplicably rotten humour in a fit to roast Hillary Clinton.

He said he has a box of Hillary Clinton toilet paper which he takes into the bathroom since its plain enjoyable for she had to say such mean things about them and their President.

What A Pity

It goes without saying how Trump is luring his followers and keeping their devotion intact since he is offended at all the right people and organizations.

Meaning, these people are fitting right into Trump’s Parallel universe where he is thoroughly correct in whatever he has to say and do.

No one, absolutely no one can judge his actions or his maladministration and this is pure bliss for him.

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