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Trump Urges US Troops In Germany To Vacate


David Mudd

Donald Trump orders 9,500 US troops to leave Germany

The Situation

US President Donald Trump has apparently ordered the military to remove nearly 9,500 troops from Germany.

This move has been made in order to raise concerns in Europe about the US commitment to the region.

The current US troops range to a beaming 34k. It will now come down to 25k.

Officials have reportedly said that the move was the result of months of work by America’s top military officer, General Mark Milley.

The chairman of the joint chiefs of staff also had a role to play.

However, this decision has absolutely nothing to do with tensions between Trump and the German chancellor, Angela Merkel.


An administration official said that the remaining 9,500 troops would be sent elsewhere.

Where, you ask? Well, some to Poland, some to other allied countries, and the rest would return home.

The official said there was less need in Germany because of overall increased defence spending by the US-led Nato military alliance.


This plan/deal is the most current thrill between the relations of America and Berlin.

They have often been condemned, gossiped and talked about, with excruciatingly deprecating humour.

Trump had accused Berlin of being utterly dependent on Russia, more like a lackey due to its energy reliance.

About 17,000 US civilian employees support the US troops in Germany. It is believed the United States also has nuclear warheads there.

Trump Warns WHO

Last month, the US ambassador to the German country, named Richard Grenell, had accused Berlin.

Berlin was blamed for undermining Nato’s nuclear deterrent and taking aim at Merkel’s junior coalition partners.