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Trump Tweets Warning People Of ‘Rich Guys’

Trump warns that ‘rich guys’ could be talking down stock market to profit

Trump's Tweet

Yesterday, President Trump raised his suspicion at a few wealthy investors who are certainly manipulating the stock market.

In a tweet, he asked everyone to be cautious of wealthy investors who are using the platform to talk negatively about it.

More so, they are orchestrating it and profiting from betting against the market.

His exact words where that when ‘rich guys' talk negatively about the stock market, we should remember they are betting against it.
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What Follows Trump Tweet

They are betting big and they'll make a lot of money if it goes down. They even go the other way round and this is utterly illegal.

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He didn't talk about anyone specific in his tweet but followers were quick to notice this was solely about the billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller.

He is the CEO of Duquesne Family Office and he said he felt like the market was kind of getting too overwhelmed to the possibility of an antiviral drug.


The stock market had gone on an all-time low back in March, rising from which now has given hopes to the investors.

All of this has to do with a perpetual kickstart of the economy since a few states have been ordered to reopen already.

Donald Trump blames falling markets on 'rich guys' betting it will ...

What Leads

If you've been reading my articles, you'd remember how pathetic the situation was, having a 14% decrease in the economy and the stock market.

After about a month and a half, the S&P has risen up with more than 30% of its original case.

Another big investor has however commented on this entire situation.

He had asked the White House to shut down the country for at least a month now.

He ended his statement with a phrase ‘Hell is Coming' and we can't help but wonder where were we anyway residing at?

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