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Trump To Hold News Conference Regarding The China Situation


David Mudd

US President Donald Trump will hold news conference on Friday on China

Trump Take

On Thursday, President Trump said he will give a news conference on China the very next day.

His administration moves to pressure Beijing over its apparent treatment of Hong Kong.

Mike Pompeo told Congress on Wednesday that China has very little regard of Hong Kong’s autonomy.

The situation is such that the Asian financial center doesn’t any longer qualifies for its special status under the law of the US.

And Trump, for this, could take up a few horrid punishing actions, for instance, limiting visas and some other economic disparity.

Trump is now wondering how harshly can he punish and penalize Beijing.


He could also very much take lighter actions and aim to put China into notice.

Or maybe he could just unleash a harsh approach that would lead to the demise of the UK’s special trading status with the US.

It could also lessen its position as a global financial hub.


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Wednesday that Hong Kong no longer warrants its special treatment under American law.

The End

Now it’s all up to the US President Trump to take the next step.

It lies onto him as to what decision he’d take while also threatening consequences for the Beijing government.

This comes in connection to its handling of the coronavirus.

His most lethal weapon is undoubtedly revoking Hong Kong’s special trading status with the US.

This will indefinitely plunge US-China relations deeper into a wreck and crises, with little to no hope of a possible trade deal.

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